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Accommodation in Everest Base Camp Trek: Your Ultimate Guide

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Accommodation in Everest Base Camp Trek: Your Ultimate Guide

Heading to the Everest Base Camp trek? Accommodation is key! Here's what you need to know about where to rest your head during this incredible journey.

When embarking on a trek, regardless of the destination, finding suitable lodging for rest and reprieve is essential. Prior to embarking on the challenging journey of the Everest Base Camp trek, gaining a comprehensive understanding of available accommodation facilities is of paramount importance. Ensuring a comfortable night's rest can significantly influence your overall comfort during the EBC Trek. Along the trekking route to Everest Base Camp, an array of traveler-friendly accommodations awaits your discovery.

Varieties of Accommodation During the Everest Base Camp Trek

Throughout the expanse of the Everest Base Camp trail, trekkers encounter a range of accommodation options, spanning from humble tea houses to opulent hotels. This diverse spectrum caters to every budget, encompassing both cost-effective and luxurious choices. While tented camping remains a possibility, it has diminished in popularity due to the prevalent availability of tea houses and hotels along the trail.

Tea House Accommodation

Tea house accommodation stands as the quintessential form of lodging on the Everest Base Camp trail. Villagers residing along the path have established and manage most tea houses. These establishments are purposefully designed lodges, providing trekkers with essential amenities for rest. The standard of tea houses varies considerably.

In the Nepali context, the term "hotel" commonly denotes a restaurant, whereas "lodge" or "tea house" signifies a place for sleep and lodging. On Nepal's trekking trails, a hotel caters to meals but might not offer sleeping arrangements, while a lodge invariably provides accommodations.

Many proprietors dub their establishments as "Hotel & Lodge" to highlight the services they furnish. In practice, nearly every trailside spot offers sustenance and a measure of lodging. EBC's lodges boast comfort, warmth, and thoughtful amenities, creating inviting havens for travelers. Although their provisions become more rudimentary at higher altitudes, these lodges maintain a cozy, well-maintained ambiance.

Rooms typically accommodate twin sharing, each furnished with two beds and lacking an attached bathroom. Basic furnishings like small tables or chairs are standard, and some rooms include shelves and hooks for clothing. Select lodges offer upgraded rooms with enhanced amenities, catering to trekkers seeking greater comfort. Beds are outfitted with mattresses, pillows, bed sheets, and blankets.

The communal "living room" serves as an area for dining and relaxation, heated by a pot-bellied stove in the evenings. These lodges foster camaraderie among trekkers, serving as social hubs. Travelers often engage in reading or phone use to pass the time.

Most lodges feature gas-heated showers, ensuring hot water availability. In places lacking a shower head, buckets filled with hot water are supplied for bathing. Wi-Fi connectivity is accessible throughout the Khumbu (Everest) region, although consistent high-speed performance isn't guaranteed.

Electronic devices can be charged by the hour at most lodges, with costs increasing at higher elevations. Carrying power banks is recommended. Television sets are scarce in lodges, allowing guests to immerse themselves in local lifestyle and culture.

Two categories of tea house accommodation exist during the trek: basic tea houses and luxury lodges.

Basic Lodge Accommodation

Basic tea houses offer fundamental facilities, including standard beds and shared bathrooms. Despite the modest arrangements, guests can anticipate clean blankets and comfortable pillows. For those desiring room upgrades or single accommodations, arrangements can be coordinated with the guide, often necessitating additional fees. An average room cost ranges from 750 to 1000 rupees.

Luxury Lodge Accommodation

Luxury lodge accommodation is available along the Everest Base Camp Trek, priced between $50 and $200. Luxury tea house lodgings provide spacious, comfortable beds with electric heating, attached bathrooms, and hot water amenities. While these opulent rooms offer enhanced comfort, they cater to a narrower audience due to their higher cost.

Camping Accommodation

Although camping is an option for the Everest Base Camp Trek, it's less common due to the prevalence of tea houses. Campsites are primarily employed by expedition teams during Mt. Everest ascents. Remote treks like Dhaulagiri, Dolpo, and Kanchenjunga typically necessitate camping accommodation. Tents are employed for sleeping and resting, while designated cooking staff and crew members undertake specific tasks. However, given the accessibility of tea houses, camping is generally avoided.

Toilet Facilities in the Everest Trekking

Tea houses offer basic squat-style toilets, often situated in small wooden huts. While toilet paper isn't usually provided, trekkers should bring essential toiletries to maintain hygiene. Lower elevations often feature western-style commode toilets.

Amenities at Tea Houses

Hot showers come at an additional cost of $4 to $8, varying with altitude. Electronic devices can be charged for $3 to $5 per hour. Some lodges offer complimentary charging if room outlets are available.

Prepaid SIM cards with mobile data are purchasable for connectivity, with Ncell offering 3G high-speed internet in the Everest region. Wi-Fi facilities exist in lower tea houses, costing approximately $3 to $5 per hour.

Accommodation in Major Locations

Kathmandu serves as the initial gateway to your Nepalese journey, offering a wide array of accommodations ranging from budget lodgings to luxurious five-star hotels. A diverse culinary landscape, featuring various cuisines at different price points, awaits exploration.


The starting and ending point for many Everest Region treks, hosts a range of lodges and hotels. Trekkers often head straight to the trail, utilizing Lukla merely as a transit point. Accommodations here are generally better than those at higher altitudes, and imported goods and foods are readily available.


Situated between Lukla and Namche Bazaar, provides an array of lodges along both sides of the river. Options include budget lodgings and the more upscale Yeti Mountain Home. The food quality is comparable to Lukla and offers reasonable prices.

Namche Bazaar

The Everest Region's commercial hub, boasts an abundance of hotels and tea houses, catering to trekkers spending 2-3 nights in the vicinity. Deluxe to basic accommodations are available, complemented by diverse dining options.


Tengboche Village offers a few teahouses with basic facilities, while trekkers can enjoy the grandeur of Tengboche Monastery, the Everest Region's largest.

Dingboche and Pheriche 

Dingboche and Pheriche present additional lodging options, catering to trekkers seeking acclimatization.


Lobuche provides an array of hotels and basic lodgings. Higher-end tea houses offer enhanced amenities, while tent-hotels accommodate campers.

Gorak Shep

The final human settlement offers limited accommodations with basic provisions, serving as the last outpost before EBC and Everest.

Your EBC Trek Awaits

Embarking on the Everest Base Camp trek presents an unparalleled adventure through awe-inspiring landscapes and a spectrum of lodging options. Whether you opt for the cozy comfort of tea houses, the luxury of lodges, or the unique experience of camping, your journey promises memories that will endure a lifetime.

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