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Dashain Festival - A National Festival of Nepal

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Dashain Festival - A National Festival of Nepal

Nepal is home to around 126 ethnic groups. As diverse as it is, each ethnic group has its own culture, traditions, customs, values and most importantly, different festivals. Dashain is one of the most celebrated festivals in Nepal. The dates are always different every year. This year 2022, this fun festival falls on Autumn (September/October) from September 26 to October  5, 2022. According to the Nepali calendar, this festival falls from 10 to 19 Ashwin 2079. These months are accompanied by beautifully clear skies, warm weather, and different vibes in the country. If you ask a Nepali to describe the Dashain festival, many will answer but the common word is Re-United. During this festival, all the family members reunited and gathered around the house, celebrated and had a hearty feast. This festival has spread happiness all over Nepal and is really a lot of fun.

Why is Dashain celebrated?

There is a rich history behind every festival in Nepal. Similarly, Dashain is also a festival that is thousands of years old. Hindu mythology says that this festival is celebrated to acknowledge the victory or victory of good over evil spirits or demons. It is said that there was a war between the Hindu goddess Durga and the demon Mahishasura for nine days. The battle was disastrous, but despite the power of the evil spirit, Goddess Durga won the battle and killed the demon. On the 10th day, his victory was celebrated and praised; Since then, this festival has started.

The simple meaning of this festival is always victory of good over evil. Elders always explain this festival to their children or grandchildren in a simple way. Simply, being a good person, helping others, and being kind to others is always a victory is the sole meaning behind this festival.

How to celebrate Dashain?

In Nepal, the Dashain festival is celebrated for 10 days and each day has its own rituals and programs.

The first day is called Ghatasthapana. On this day family members clean the prayer room and decorate the idol or frame of Goddess Durga. A vessel called Kalash is also filled with holy water and kept in the prayer room. Also, on this day, barley seeds are sown in pots, and germinated in a grass called Jamra. On the tenth day of the festival, it is used when senior citizens put tika on the foreheads of younger members of the family and apply Jamra.

The seventh day is called Phulpati and on this day people go to their villages and the roads are crowded with vehicles. After this day, you can feel an empty street and very few people in the city. The eighth day is Maha Ashtami. This day is auspicious, then rituals and rites are performed using kuvindo ash gourd in English.

Ashtami is followed by Mahanavami, which is the 9th day. On Mahanavami, Hindus worship Goddess Durga and Lord Vishwakarma, the god of creation. Tools, vehicles, and agricultural implements are worshiped today. The day begins by worshiping iron tools and vehicles to thank Lord Vishwakarma for the convenience that machines have provided in daily life. It is believed that worshiping tools and vehicles protects Lord Vishwakarma from injury and accidents.

Finally, the last day arrives, which is known as Vijaya Dashami. On this day, senior citizens apply tika on the foreheads of younger ones. These tikkas are made with rice, curd, and some red-colored powder. Along with Tika, Jamra is also given as a blessing for long life and success with wealth or gifts. After this, families eat lunch together and spend time playing card games or talking.

Why Dashain is the great festival of Nepalese people?

During Dashain, clear skies, children running around in new clothes, and families gathered under one roof can be seen. Doesn't it sound beautiful?

Friends and families who live far away save money, buy gifts and visit their hometowns to visit their loved ones. Dashain brings everyone closer and creates a sense of harmony. Moreover, schools and colleges are closed due to this widely celebrated festival. Having children at home to celebrate Dashain is an indescribable feeling.

 In short, Dashain means buying new clothes, curtains and furniture, cleaning the house and feasting on sweets. Everyone loves Dashain as this festival is celebrated by all age groups.

When is the Dashain festival in 2022?

In 2022, Dashain falls on 6 September; The seventh day, Phulpati will be on October 2. Dum falls on October 3rd, ninth October 4th, and tenth October 5th respectively.

This festival is celebrated for five days after Vijayadashami, Kojagrat Purnima. On those days, relatives and families visit each other's houses, apply tika, feast, and have fun.

Celebrate this wonderful Dashain festival with Nepal Mountaineering Team. We want you to join us on this happy occasion. You will be able to experience the boulevards of Kathmandu and see the city through the eyes of Nepalese people based on vibrant cultural influences.

Plan your trip to Nepal end of September which will be the best time to get the experience of the Dashain festival.

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