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Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight in Nepal
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Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight in Nepal

Trip Overview

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Trip Length

1 Hour

Mount Everest sightseeing flight highlights in Nepal

  • Amazing exploration of Nepal's beautiful Himalayas
  • Scenic flight to Everest region from Kathmandu
  • Explore the most magnificent views of the highest peak Mount Everest and others
  • A breathtaking encounter with the world's most beautiful mountain peaks
  • Experience the alpine climate in just one hour

Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight Price in Nepal for 2023/2024

For those restricted by time or other reasons from trekking, there are mountain flights that offer panoramic encounters with the highest peaks on Earth. The plane departs from Kathmandu and flies along the Himalayas for an eye-level view of the snowy peaks and then brings you back in an hour. Traveling close to the amazing massif of rock and ice, the flight presents a mind-boggling view. When the plane takes off and heads east, you won't have to wait long to find out what's in store for you. First on your left, you see Gosaithan, also known as Shisha Pangma, standing at a majestic height of 8,013 meters. 
To the right of Gosaithan, Dorje Lhakpa (6,966 m) is seen, which looks like the number 8 mountain covered with snow. To the right of Dorje Lhakpa is Phurbi-Chechu, which rises above the Kathmandu Valley. 

As the plane glides by, the mountains are approaching. Another Chhoba-Bhamre in view, the smallest at 5,933 meters but singularly stubborn as it has never been climbed. Then the Himalayan mountain which is seen not only visually but also spiritually looks like Gauri Shankar.  Standing at a glorious height of 7,134 meters, this mountain is said to be guarded by Lord Shiva (Shankar) and his consort Gauri and has a history of failed attempts till 1979. Gauri-Shankar is sharp and big. As the plane moves towards the Land of the Rising Sun, the Eastern Himalayas, majestic mountains follow. Melungatse, a plateau-like mountain, rises to 7,023 meters. At 6,297 meters, Chugimago is still a virgin, waiting to be climbed.

Mount Numbur at 6,956 meters looks like a breast, a maternal source in the sky that gives pure milk to the Sherpas of Solukhumbu. Next up is Kariolung, a stark white mountain glistening with the rising sun at a height of 6,511 meters. Mount Cho-Oyu is the sixth highest mountain in the world. Reaching a height of 8,201 meters, it looks stunningly beautiful from the plane.

A Mount Everest flight tour is one of the most popular tour packages for travelers who can't afford to spend weeks trekking but want to experience what it's like to soar atop the Himalayas. A flight to Mount Everest is the perfect opportunity for travelers to get up close to the world's highest peak. Reaching Everest in one hour from Kathmandu is a journey in itself. You will experience a great view of all the wonderful mountains below and around the flight path.

Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight in Nepal Itinerary

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Day 1 : Day 1: 1 hour flight to Mount Everest

View itinerary of Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight Tour in Nepal

Everest sightseeing starts as soon as you reach the airport and board the flight. Firstly, you will be picked up from your hotel and dropped off at the airport. The drive from the hotel to the airport is about 20 minutes. After a 20-minute drive, you arrive at the airport and board a mountain flight.  Now, it's time to explore the wonderful mountains of Nepal. The plane's flight path gives you a great angle from which you see Shisha Pangma, Dorje Lakpa and Phurwa-Chachu at their best. 

The plane glides and all the mountains of the Everest region come closer and closer to your eyes and the memories you make on the Everest sightseeing tour will be unforgettable. After a 45-minute mountain flight from Kathmandu, it was time to land. You land at the airport and they drop you off at the hotel.

Day 1: 1 hour flight to Mount Everest

The journey starts early in the morning drive 20 Minuets from your hotel to the airport and take a 45 minutes to 1 hour amazing Himalayan mountain flight and drive back to the hotel after the mountain flight. 

Service Includes on Price

Cost Includes

1 HRS flight (fully refundable in case of no flight)

  • Guaranteed window seat
  • Pick up from your hotel to airport and drop off from airport to your hotel.

Cost Excludes

  • Suggested staff expenses


Do we travel by bus or car when we reach the airport on Everest Scenic Flight Tour

While reaching the airport for Everest flight Nepal, you will travel by private car or private bus depending on the number of passengers in the group. You can also tr avel in a private hiace. You don't have to worry about the transportation services as you will be transferred to the airport and back to the hotel with complete comfort.

How cold does it get on a flight in winter

During the winter season, the Everest region can be very cold. However, you will travel by flight. One of the best features to benefit from is the heating system installed in the aircraft which warms the entire cabin for the passengers traveling in the aircraft. You won't feel overly cold like you're imagining now.  

Is Everest Sightseeing Flight Best Family Tour Package 2023/2024

Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight is a journey towards the scenic Himalayas following the route of the Everest region. People of all age groups can go on an Everest sightseeing flight with little to no complications. You can get on a sightseeing tour of Everest with your parents and kids. There is no age limit.

Mount Everest Sightseeing is one of the easiest Nepal tour packages to get to by flight, making it a great choice for Nepal Family Tour Package 2022/23.

Do we get drinking water during Mt Everest Scenic Flight

The best thing you can do to drink water during your Mount Everest sightseeing tour is to carry a water bottle with you. The flight is only an hour long and it is enough if it is drunk by one person. You can get bottled drinking water from the flight attendants. However, carrying water with you is the best option.

Can a plane fly to Mt. Everest

Flying over Mount Everest is possible because it is said that a plane can fly above 40,000 feet and Mount Everest is at a height of about 29,000 feet. However, for safety reasons, it is not advised to fly a plane over Mount Everest. High mountains can create very unpleasant weather and difficult conditions for safe flying. As for the question, planes can fly over Mount Everest but they are not allowed due to safety reasons. That's why the plane doesn't go above Everest.

Do we have breakfast during Everest sightseeing

During the Everest sightseeing tour, you will not have breakfast. The hour-long journey will take you deep into the majesty of the mountains as you fly along the flight path. You can carry some snacks or chocolates to eat while looking at the aesthetic view of snow-capped mountain peaks that will soak you deep in the magic of nature. 

How long is the Everest flight

Everest flight will be 45 minutes to 1 hour long. The plane took off from Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport. During the Nepal Everest tour flight, you will have the most magnificent glimpse of Nepal's highest peaks from Langtang Lirung Peak to Everest Peak. 

How to climb Everest from Kathmandu

There are various ways to climb Mount Everest from Kathmandu. An easy option to get to Everest from Kathmandu would be via Kathmandu to Everest Scenic Flight. Another grand option is the Mount Everest Helicopter Tour with Kala Patthar Landing. A difficult but adventurous route from Kathmandu to Everest will be the Everest Base Camp Trek.  

What is the price of mountain flight in Nepal for 2023/2024

The price of mountain flight from Kathmandu to Everest for 2023/24 is US$205 per passenger which is all inclusive price. Mount Everest flight cost for 2-5 and 6-15 pax is US$ 245 and US$ 240 respectively with no difference for domestic and international tourists.

Additional Information

Useful Information

Best time for Mount Everest flight tour

Being a 1-hour flight, you can go on a Mount Everest flight tour at any time of the year but the weather should be clear without rain. Generally, there are no flights if the weather is not clear or there is a chance of rain or lightning. So, the best time to go for Mount Everest flight trip is not certain. Whenever the weather is clear, giving you the opportunity to travel around the Himalayas, the best time to go is for a Mount Everest flight tour.

Who is the Everest flight for?

Trekking Mount Everest is the most popular trekking destination in the world. People from all over the world come to Nepal to experience what it's like to trek Mount Everest, the world's highest peak. However, not everyone has the physical ability to walk for weeks on hard and slippery roads. Similarly, some people don't have long vacations when they can go on a long trekking trip to Mount Everest.   For travelers who are time-poor and don't have the fitness to trek for weeks, a Mount Everest flight tour is the best option. However, that doesn't mean that if you can do trekking, you can't go on a flying tour. Everest flights are open to all customers. All you need is the energy and interest to see Mount Everest up close. It can be one of the best memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Why Everest scenic flight? | Everest sightseeing tour cost

Many know that Mount Everest is the most famous nature travel destination in the world, being so popular, people want different ways to explore the natural treasures of Mount Everest. Some travelers climb Mt. Everest, some travelers go for Mt. Trekking and some travelers go for Mt. Flying Tour.
There are no fixed rules about which trip you should choose. You can choose any tour package as per your wish

Mount Everest Flight Tour is the best one day tour you can find in Nepal. It gives you intense adventure vibes with some of the most breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountain peaks that truly characterize Nepal. Mount Everest flight tour is very popular as it is an alternative option for travelers who want to explore Everest but don't have enough time.

A flight to Mount Everest can be an addition to any trekking package. For example, if you have just returned from a 12-14 day long Annapurna trekking package, you can book a flight to Everest and enjoy a day around Everest.

The cost of the Everest sightseeing flight with Mountain Magic Treks is $130 for a single passenger which is an inclusive price. You will enjoy a trip that will be unmatched for any amount of money.

Overall, Mount Everest Flight Tour is one of the best day trip options for all travelers around the world and if you get the opportunity to experience it, you should never turn it down.

What makes the Everest scenic flight special in Nepal?

Mount Everest Sightseeing Tour is one of the Nepal tour packages that offers you a great opportunity to explore the Everest region like never before. One of the best options for the Everest Base Camp Trek for those who cannot commit to walking for several days, the Everest Sightseeing Flight Tour is the best tour option out there. 

Most travelers dream of seeing Mount Everest up close. Due to physical and time constraints in the Everest region, not every traveler can go on a multi-day trek. So, what could be the best option in this situation? Probably, Everest Base Camp Trek is the best option for people who are time constrained and cannot trek for several days, Everest Base Camp Trek is the best option to visit Nepal.

In addition, you will see the most magnificent view of alpine lands and natural meadows as well as wonderful settlements. Flying over the Himalayas through the clouds expected to be the best family tour package, Everest Sightseeing Tour is actually one of the best Nepal tour packages to grace the world of travel. 

Sightseeing around Mount Everest gives you an idea of ​​what life is like in the Himalayas. One day Nepal Everest flight tour is a few hours journey, you don't have to worry about weather and climate for a week or more. If the weather is clear on the day you fly, it's perfect for sightseeing. That's why Everest sightseeing tour has become one of the #1 choices for Nepal tour packages.

Transport on Everest Scenic Flight in Nepal

What is the mode of transport I use for Everest Scenic Flight? This question can be confusing for many travelers as the flight is mentioned. So, it is clear that you are using flight. During the Everest sightseeing flight, you will be traveling from the hotel to the airport in a private car or private hi-vis depending on the number of passengers in the group.

You do not have to use public transport in any way. As the name suggests, on a Mount Everest sightseeing flight, you are flying in a plane. The total flight time will be approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Returning after the flight, you will be transferred from the airport to the hotel in a private car or a private hiace as you went to the airport.

Weather and weather during the Mt Everest tour flight in Nepal

Everest region is the coldest region of Nepal to visit in winter season. However, in other seasons, it is not too cold and it is not difficult for you to travel. Regarding the Mt Everest scenic flight, temperature will not be a problem either. The only thing to consider will be the weather on the day when you take the flight. If the weather is clear without clouds, the sightseeing tour will be an experience of a lifetime. However, you don't have to worry too much about weather and climate.

Weather and climate are checked for visiting Everest by plane and only after that it is decided whether to go on the flight tour or not. The best time for Everest scenic flight will be in September and October. This is the time when the monsoon has already bid adieu and the weather is very clear, highlighted by the backdrop of mountains that smile at you lovingly. Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight Cost and Price for Nepali Mountain flight price in Nepal for 2022
Mount Everest sightseeing flight cost is slightly different for group and private tour. Everest Group Sightseeing Tour cost for 1-1 pax is US $250.

Mount Everest tour cost for 2-5 and 6-15 pax is US$ 245 and US$ 240 respectively. Flight cost of Mt Everest tour for Nepali is same as for international tourist. If there is a difference in the fees charged for domestic and international tourists, the only difference will be the payment of some fees and costs. If not, the cost and price of visiting Everest will be the same for Nepalese tourists 

Mountain flight price in Nepal includes 1 hour flight fee, Everest entrance fee, certificate, pickup from hotel in Kathmandu to airport and return from airport to hotel without tips and personal expenses. If you are going on a Nepal Everest sightseeing flight, you should carry money for personal expenses and tips. One hour flight fee is fully refundable in case of non-flight due to any emergency or weather problem. 

Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight in November and December in Nepal

November and December are the times when winter is slowly approaching the wonderland. The Everest region is one of the areas with heavy snowfall in Nepal. Trekking to Everest Base Camp in winter season is a bit of a tough journey. However, that doesn't mean you can't go on an Everest Base Camp trek in November and December. It's just that you need to deal with snow and extreme temperatures during this time. 

If you are an adventure traveller, the EBC trek in November and December is the best option. Most of the travelers prefer to go on Everest sightseeing flights in November and December. Mount Everest sightseeing tour by plane is one of the most demanded Nepal tour packages.

How to prepare for Mount Everest scenic flight in Nepal?

Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight Tour, as the name suggests, is an air tour of the Everest region through which you will explore the amazing mountains and Himalayas while flying on the air route. Some travelers ask, "Is there anything you need to prepare for a Mt. Everest sightseeing flight?" Well, you should always be prepared before you go to explore any new experiences. 

So, how to prepare for an Everest sightseeing flight?

The best way to prepare for a sightseeing flight around Mount Everest is to research the geography, climate and altitude of the area you plan to explore. Researching all of these will help you prepare for what to wear and how to wear it. Similarly, you will get to know about the flora and fauna that you can see there.
And when you see wildlife and flora during an actual flight, you get to identify and understand them better. Another interesting way to prepare is physical exercise and a balanced diet. Exercising and eating a balanced diet is something you can follow not just for any tour or trek but throughout your life.

Tipping on Mount Everest Scenic Flight in Nepal
Tipping during any tour in Nepal depends on your preference. Tipping is not mandatory. You can decide to tip or not. No one is forcing you to tip someone right away. During the Everest Darshan flight journey, you will meet a variety of staff who work hard to provide excellent services and facilities so that your stay and journey becomes your pleasure.

Tipping is really good practice. Employees who receive tips get an extra boost of hope and commitment to work even harder to provide excellent services as their hard work is recognized. Tipping can be in any form: money or a gift. A thank you letter will be more touching and full of joy.

Money exchange or ATM services on Everest Scenic Flight

You will go directly from your hotel to the airport in a private car. You can stop to exchange your money or go to an ATM to withdraw some money. However, it is advisable to exchange or withdraw your money before the day of the tour. The schedule is well organized and even a 2-3 minute distraction can create some problems.  About money exchange and ATM services on Everest scenic flight, you get money exchanges and ATM services but you should make sure to do all that before or after the day of travel. You can also ask our staff to exchange your money, we will gladly do it for you.

Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight in Nepal or Everest Base Camp Trek, Which is Better?
Everest Sightseeing Flight and Everest Base Camp Trek are two different travel packages. Some travelers prefer to take a sightseeing flight while others prefer to dive into the ocean of adventure with an Everest Base Camp Trek. Which travel is better Everest sightseeing by plane and EBC trek can be preferred features.

Everest Base Camp Trek will be the best travel option for those travelers who like to trek for several days in extreme temperatures. However, for some travelers who love to travel but cannot commit themselves to a multi-day trek in milder-than-usual weather, an Everest sightseeing flight would be the best travel option. Even if you love Everest Base Camp Trek, you can always try to see Everest by plane which will be a different experience and life is about trying new things and making the moments count. Nepal Everest flight is truly a great travel experience.  

Where to book your next Everest sightseeing flight?

When you are researching the tour agencies that can provide you the best tour package in Nepal. Chances are high that you can come up with many options to choose from. However, you need to choose the one that offers the best services without giving you a single chance of regret. 

Mountain Magic Treks, which has been working in the travel industry for a long time, is always ready to provide the best service to the travelers. With customer satisfaction as a priority, Welcome Nepal Treks always ensures that customers enjoy every moment of the journey with as few complications as possible. Not only this, Welcome Nepal Treks offers huge discounts for travelers who book early. Apart from this, loyalty benefits are also given to old customers with huge discounts.

Overall, a flying tour to Everest Base Camp is a great opportunity to explore Mount Everest and see Mount Everest up close. The experience you experience on the journey will always be real to you. Soaring high above the mountains and getting close to nature once and for all is what Everest sightseeing is all about. Book Everest sightseeing with Mountain Magic Treks and make your vacation one of the best moments of your entire lifetime.

Booking Terms and Conditions

Mountain Magic Treks Pvt.Ltd Term & Conditions:

Please read Mountain Magic Treks Pvt. Ltd. Terms and Conditions carefully prior to trip booking. Trekking or mountaineering in the higher elevations of the Himalayas is one of the most adventurous endeavors which carries the risk of AMS, injuries, or even death. Mountain Magic Treks is always concerned about trekkers' comfort, safety, and health while meandering at higher altitudes. We contribute great effort to reduce or control the risk and hazard, but sometimes nature’s curse or fluctuating climate in the Himalayas is beyond our control and we are not responsible for it.
If you are a keen adventure lover and are ready to follow the hereby mentioned terms and conditions, then you are heartily welcome at the Mountain Magic Treks Pvt.Ltd office, Galko Pakha, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Booking Terms and Conditions:

1. All package bookings are handled by Mountain Magic Treks Pvt. Ltd, an authorized adventure company based in Nepal's capital, Kathmandu.

2. The term "trip" formally refers to walking, sightseeing, treks, tours, mountaineering, expeditions, or holidays in the mystical land of Nepal.

3. Mountain Magic Treks faithfully includes all amenities in the package's estimated price.

4. Please go through the itinerary page or trek inclusion/exclusion pages for the details of the cost transparency. The trek cost may vary from one package to another, and some packages don’t include the cost of the following:

Personal travel insurance, medical assistance, and helicopter evacuation.

Visa, passport, and transit point expenses.

Extra meals, entertainment activities, accommodation and transportation costs are not included in the itinerary.

Extra baggage and gratuity

5. For trip confirmation, travelers must pay 20% of the total trip cost up front.

6. You can pay the booking confirmation amount either by credit card or wire transfer. Both payment options are subject to additional bank service fees of up to 4% on top of the sum.

Pay deposit by wire transfer:
Pay to:
 Mountain Magic Treks Pvt. Ltd
Current A/c: 01908312510017
Paying Bank: Himalayan Bank Ltd
Account Type: Foreign Currency (USD.)
Branch: Thamel
Bank Street Address: Karmachari Sanchaya Kosh Building, Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal


Payment for Booking:
Payment can be done through the below option:
Bank Transfer:
Account Name:
 Mountain Magic Treks Pvt. Ltd
Account Number: 0570010152240
Paying Bank: Mega Bank Nepal Limited
Account Type: Local Currency (Nepali.)
Address: Thamel Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal
Bank service charges related to submitting a deposit are the responsibility of a client:
Risk and Liabilities:
(Bank service charges related to submitting a deposit are the responsibility of the client)

7. The trip will be booked once the payment is made by the travelers. We will send you the confirmation letter via email and guarantee that you will receive all of the services listed in the itinerary.

8. The final payment must be submitted at the Mountain Magic Treks office or at the hotel where you will be staying before the tip departure. Otherwise, you will not be legitimate for the trip and no final documentation will be disclosed before payment.

9. Regarding the trip cancellation, we offer a free trip cancellation service upon submission of a trustable reason before 90 days of the departure date with adequate evidence and written reasons. 

10. If you cancel the trip 60 days prior to the departure date, then a 75% cancellation fee will be levied from the booking amount.

11. An 85% cancellation fee will be levied if you cancel the trip before 30 days of the trip's departure date.

12. The company will be unable to refund the earlier paid (20%) booking fee if you cancel the trek before 15 days of departure.

13. There will be no payment refund if you voluntarily leave or cancel the trip once it has started, but if you are forced to leave due to unforeseen immediate circumstances, then payment can be refunded after proper discretion.

14. We guarantee your safe and successful trip; however, the company reserves the right to cancel the trip if there will be no minimum number of travelers. The company will postpone or manage alternative trips in this condition.

15. If the company cancels the trip due to any unforeseen circumstances which are beyond our control (i.e. natural disaster, flight cancellation, strikes, wars, riots, quarantine, government intervention policy, weather conditions), we will refund after deduction of the minimum operating cost involved.

16. If you want to change your booking date, the booking amendment request must be made 90 days prior to the original trip departure.

17. If trekkers demand to change the departure date prior to 60 days of the final departure, US $ 50.00 per person will be charged as a cancellation fee. The cost of the trip may also be increased if the market price soars higher during the postponed trip date.

18. The policy of our company is that trekkers must have an insurance policy contract if they want to trek with Mountain Magic Treks. The policy must feature medical coverage, air ambulance, helicopter evacuation facility, and flight cancellation insurance if possible.

19. Mountain Magic Treks and Expedition organizes various adventurous trips, which have a high-risk factor and demand more physical stamina and training. If you can’t accomplish the trek due to your physical inability or sickness, we are not obliged to refund the payment.

20. During the trip, there may be hindrances, obstacles, or circumstances such as political riots, insurgencies, accidents, climate change, or natural disasters. Make sure you are ready to deal with all of these problems.

21. The trip route, accommodation and modes of transport may be changed without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances. It is for your convenience and safety, so I hope you will display flexible human nature in this context.

22. While changing the route, transportation, accommodation, or itinerary due to the above circumstances, we may charge an additional fee or lower the cost as per the total expenses of the entire trek.

23. Mountain Magic Treks holds all the authority to decline, accept, detain, or retain any member of the trip if we find anyone suspicious or indisciplined. If you want to trek with Mountain Magic Treks, you must accept our leadership during the whole trip.

24. Mountain Magic Treks has contracted with a network of companies, the government of Nepal, and individuals to assist the travelers during the trip. These third parties are qualified to perform the duties as contracted. We are not liable in the event of loss, damage, or irregularities if the third parties don’t perform their duties properly.

25. Mountain Magic Treks is not liable for any law or rule violations committed by travelers in any country.

26. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Government of Nepal. No individual, including employees, representatives, or guides of the company, can alter the terms and conditions.

27. In exceptional circumstances, these terms and conditions may be waived by submitting a written request to the director. Only the director of the company has all the rights to amend them.

28. Travelers must be physically and mentally fit for the trek. It is compulsory to bring health certificates along with proper legal documents for trip approval if asked.

29. Mountain Magic Treks is not liable for any additional costs or compensation incurred as a result of a flight being canceled or delayed due to weather or other factors. We can manage alternative arrangements on special requests, which may require additional extra cost.

30. We have displayed authentic, genuine, and accurate information on our official website and brochure. If you notice any errors, incomplete or incorrect information, please notify us as soon as possible.

Please read all the terms and conditions mentioned above before making the bookings. You must abide by these conditions if you fancy trekking in the Himalayas with Mountain Magic Treks Pvt. Ltd.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight in Nepal

  • Small group adventure
  • Guaranteed Departures
  • Best price guaranteed

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