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How to Trek to Everest Base Camp in Low Budget (2023 Update)

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How to Trek to Everest Base Camp in Low Budget (2023 Update)

Budget Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular trekking packages in Nepal for those trekkers who wish to trek in a low budget and price. Same trekking route and itinerary but definition with cost and services. It depends on the hotel category in the mountain and Kathmandu, guide and porter, length of trekking, and other several things which really needs for Everest Base camp Budget Trek. During our Budget Everest Base Camp Trek 11 days Package, we are offering US$1070 per person but it would be changing in every season and we give the group discount as well even offering in a low budget.

Budget Everest Base Camp Trek Best Time

Budget Everest Base Camp Trek best time is the autumn and spring season, as we called autumn for September, October & November, and spring for March, April & May in Nepal. These months are the best time to visit Everest Base Camp Budget Trek. 

Budget Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Budget Everest Base Camp Trek Cost is very different between US1070 to US$1500 and local travel agency or international travel agency are you using for your trip. Mountain Magic Treks is a Nepal-based local company and offers a Budget Everest Base camp Trek package in US$1070 per person and our price for 2 or more only, for the solo traveler we offer US$250 more on top of the US$1070 as a single supplement fee, it means US$1320 for the solo traveler.

Budget Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty    

The difficulty level of Everest Base Camp Budget Trek is moderate to Strenuous The trekking period often requires 11 days during our Itinerary. If you are physically fit trekkers don’t require prior trekking expertise, it is suggested that the trekkers should be physically fit and determined. During the high season in autumn and spring do you need a few days extra the trekking period because of your flight departing from Ramechhap instead because of the air traffic in Kathmandu airport. If you planning the same-day flight to Lukla (Kathmandu- Ramechhap 4 hours’ drive) then need to be ready by 2:00 Am early morning and drive to catch the flight from Ramechhap. Most of the trekkers planning to drive and catch the flight same day but it would be difficult for you. The time is different, long flight to Nepal, and trip starts the next day of your arrival is the reason why it will be difficult for you. So add a few days on top and use the extra day for a drive to Ramechhap and stay overnight a day before you fly to Lukla.

Another difficulty of Budget Everest Base Camp Trek is on day 7 Lobuche-Gorakshep-Everest Base Camp-Gorakshep is long and challenging day but the porter will support you. And again in 3 days you will be back to Lukla from Everest Base camp the same way taking 7 days to EBC.

Budget Everest Base Camp Trek Distance

The distance of Budget Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary is approximately 80.1569 miles / 129 km. This includes from Lukla to Everest Base Camp and back with acclimatization day hiking. During our 11 days Budget Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary in average 12 to 16 Kilometers you have to walk per day.

  • Dally your trekking distance is given below:
  • Starts from the beginning:
  • From Lukla to Phakding 6km and 3 hours trek
  • Phakding to Namche Bazaar 12 km and 6 to 7 hours trek
  • Rest day in Namche bazaar for acclimatization and exploration day hiking 10 km and 4 to 5 hours. This is one of the best day for you, you can visit the Buddhist museum and enjoy the Everest Panoramic view from Everest View Hotel. The Everest View Hotel is situated within a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal. The hotel and Everest Panoramic Viewpoint offer 360-degree views of the awe-inspiring Everest Himalayan ranges.
  • Namche Bazaar to Tengboche 11km and 4 to 5 hours trek
  • Tengboche to Dingboche 11 km and 5 to 6 hours trek
  • Dingboche to Lobuche 8 Km and 4 to5 hours trek
  • Lobuche to Gorakshep-EBC-Gorakshep 16 km and 7 to hours trek
  • Gorakshep-Kalapatthar-Pheriche is 16km and 7 to 8 hours including an early morning hike to Kalapatthar for the sunrise.
  • Pheriche to Namche Bazaar 20km and 7 to 8 hours trek
  • Namche Bazaar to Lukla 20km and 7 to 8 hours trek

On the way back to Lukla from Everest Base Camp will be a long distance to complete in 3 days but it is normal and easily you can walk even long distance because going down is feel easy to walk and comfortable breathing, getting enough oxygen risk-free of altitude sickness is the reason to walk back in 3 days. 

Budget Everest Base Camp Trek starts and ends

Our Budget Everest Base Camp Trek starts from Lukla after the short mountain flight from Kathmandu or Ramechhap. Lukla is a famous town and the Lukla airport is a dangerous airport in the world but more than 30 flights run a day during the high season. Around 500 people entered from the entry point and all travelers’ lands at Lukla airport even called the most dangerous airport in the world.

Budget Everest Base Camp Trek ends also in Lukla a day before flying out to Kathmandu.

Budget Everest Base camp Trek foods

In Everest Base Camp Budget Trek package includes Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner 3 times a day during our services. The food items is Dal Bhat Nepali Dices and other items is fried rice, Fried noodles, MoMos, Boiled Potatoes, Fried Potatoes, Spring Roles, and Pizza, for Lunch and Dinner. For breakfast Porridge, Cornflakes, Omelets, Rice pudding, Pancake, Noodle soups, etc.

Please note that meet items is not good to eat in the mountain because it wouldn’t fresh. Meet items supplies from below Lukla takes many days to bring.

Budget Everest Base Camp Trek Accommodation

The accommodation in Budget Everest Base Camp Trek is no doubt every place has many hotels and lodges there are enough capacities for many trekkers. During the high season sometimes in Lobuche on day 6 and Gorakshep on day 7 can be full but you will get a dormitory for sleep there will be safe. The accommodation will be like 2 single beds, 3 single beds, and a single bed in one room. If you are solo trekkers then not everywhere but somewhere you should share the room if there haven’t an extra room or dormitory.

In every bedroom gets blankets but batter to have your own sleeping bag.  The Toilet bathroom is not separate sharing with others but in is inside the hotel. 

Budget Everest Base Camp Trek Height

Budget Everest Base Camp Trek starts from 2810m and 5545m Maximum high altitude you will hike to.  Given below how high you will climb per day during the Budget Everest Base Camp Itinerary.

The elevation of Kathmandu is 1350m and Lukla is 2810m so almost 1440m height you reach within 40 minutes and Phakding is 2610m

Day 1: 200m dissents after the flight

Day 2: 800 climbs

Day 3: 400m climb and return in same place

Day 4: 430m climb

Day 5: 530m climb

Day 6: 600m climb

Day 7: 350m to EBC

Day8: 350m to Kala Patthar

Day 9: 1300m descents

Day 10: 800m descents

Day 11: 600m descents

Budget Everest base Camp Trek Itinerary

Our 11 days Budget Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary is the best and suitable for all age-old hikers. The difference is this itinerary hasn’t a rest day for acclimatization and exploration day in Dingboche on the way up to EBC. The 11 days of Everest Base Camp Budget Trek Itinerary Day by day mentions below:

Day 1: From Kathmandu/Ramechhap fly to Lukla and 3 hours trek to Phakding

Day 2: From Phakding 6 hours trek to Namche Bazaar

Day 3: Acclimatization and exploration day in Namche Bazaar

Day 4: From Namche Bazaar 5 hours trek to Tengboche

Day 5: From Tengboche 5-6 hours trek to Dingboche

Day 6: From Dingboche 4 hours trek to Lobuche

Day 7: From Lobuche 7-8 hours trek (Lobuche-Gorakshep-EBC-Gorakshep) to Gorakshep

Day 8: From Gorakshep 2 hour hike to Kalapatthar and again 5 hours back down to Pheriche

Day 9: From Pheriche 6-7 hours trek down to Namche Bazaar

Day 10: From Namche 6-7 hours trek to Lukla

Day 11: From Lukla 30 minuet fly back to Kathmandu or 15 minutes fly to Ramechap and drive to Kathmandu.

Budget Everest Base Camp Trek solo 

For the solo traveler, we provide a guide and porter to complete the trek easily, safely, and comfortably. We can provide a female guide and porter as well upon request. In the high season would be sharing a room with other hikers for a few days but most of the nights you will get a private room. The budget will be a little high because of the single supplement.

Budget Everest Base Camp Trek Time

February to May and September to December are the best trek time. The Budget Everest Base Camp Trek time starts around 7:30 am and reaches in the destination by 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm. Better to start early because in the morning you will catch the best views of the Himalayas and wouldn’t be in a traffic jam while you trekking.

Budget Everest Base Camp Trek Weather

The weather in Budget Everest Base Camp Trek is always clear except the Moon soon season. In the monsoon season clouds and ranis in low altitudes but when you go higher weather will be very nice and clear. February to May and September to December are the best months and perfect weather for trekking in Nepal. 

Mountain Magic Treks Team is very experienced and honest for support the hikers during our experienced Budget Everest Base Camp trek all around the year but in monsoon season do you need more days on top of the trekking period for the flight from Lukla to Kathmandu or Kathmandu to Lukla sometimes may cancel or delay for a few days so that to be in safe side need more days.

Can anyone Trek to Everest Base Camp?

We always recommend physically fit and experienced trekkers more than for beginners. The beginners’ hikers also easily can trek to Everest Base Camp but keep exercising for 3 or 4 months before you plan to Visit Everest Base Camp. There is no age limit but we suggest that more than 10 years old people can join. We have designed several trekking itineraries to visit Everest Base Camp but the most popular Itinerary is Everest Base Camp Trek 12 days. For the kids, family group trek or old trekkers we have another Comfortable Trek Itinerary which is 13 days just trekking period except for arrival and departure days. 

Can you trek Everest Base Camp without a guide?

Yes, you can trek to Everest Base Camp without a guide and you will meet so many people on the way. You can ask the information with other trekkers if you are trekking in high season. If are you trekking in the low season you can’t find anyone on the way to get information about trails and the latest updates. We have the memories of every year missing a single trekker or group of trekkers who trekked without a guide.

How and why are the hikers missing in the mountains?

More than 90% of trekkers join the travel company to trek with a guide and porters they will be 100% safe and enjoy the trip. Around 10% of trekkers want to save money and trek alone or without guide and Porter. They don’t reserve the accommodations they want to go first and check the menu and ask to get a discount the price. The local people don’t care because of the full reservations of travel companies even dormitories.  The self-trekkers even at late night search the room and food, if they don’t get in each place try to get in another place which is more than 2 hours far distance even trekking with friends how to find the trail and reach the place during the night? Some of the trekkers sleep in the tea house during the night and run away without paying so that the individual hikers do not get a place to sleep, eat or stay. Another reason is weather may change within the hour in this case individual hikers cannot find the trail even if they are following the route map. Every year has been changing trial because of the landslide and avalanches, the glacier can move in every monsoon.

How much money to take on Everest Camp Trek

Our Budget Everest Base Camp Trek Package included Food, Accommodation, Guide, Porter, flight: Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu, and trek permits. Trekking equipment, Wi-Fi, Battery charge, and other things is your expenses so we would say keep 200$ to 300$ for each person. The price increases day by day when you go up everything is expensive because the things supplied from Kathmandu and below Lukla by plane, Yaks, and Porters.

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