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Upper Mustang Overland Tour
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Upper Mustang Overland Tour

Trip Overview

Key Information

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Trip Highlights

  • Upper Mustang is one of the most preserved regions of Nepal
  • Touring in Upper Mustang is a rare privilege in the Annapurna region, with the most scenic drive.
  • Explore the city of Wall-Lo Manthang.
  • Experience the Bone and Khampas cultures in Upper Mustang.
  • Upper Mustang is a heavily populated area of the Annapurna region.

Trip Overview

Upper Mustang Overland Tour is an isolated tour in the Nepal Himalaya that is popular for ultimate tourist activities and is quickly becoming one of the most popular tourist activities in Nepal. Upper Mustang, known as Lo Manthang, is the most preserved kingdom between Dhaulagiri I (8156 m) and Annapurna I (8091 M). Upper Mustang is like a barren land and a rain shadow area of Nepal in the Annapurna region.

The Upper Mustang overland tour follows the Kaligandaki gorge (the deepest gorge in the world) to Kagbeni by jeep. Along the way, we pass Tatopani-Natural Hot spring, Marpha Village "The Apple Garden", Kagbeni—the religious pilgrimage, and enter into the Lo-Manthang. The Lomanthang is a windy valley that blows from the south toward the Tibetan border. The majority of the people believe in Tibetan Buddhism, speak the semi-Tibetan language, and practice the same culture as Tibetans. Life in Mustang revolves around tourism, animal husbandry, and trade. Kagbeni is the starting and ending point of the Upper Mustang restricted area. Upper Mustang is also a part of the Annapurna Circuit area, situated in the northern part of Jomsom towards the Tibetan border.

A Road Trip to Upper Mustang

The road trip to Upper Mustang is safe and well-paved in most places. It is just 60 km from Kagbeni to Lo-mangthang. Along the way, you may experience the manmade sky cave, Monastery, Chortens, and Mani Wall. Sometimes you can make a side trip by walking to the best viewpoint and monastery. There is a local jeep service sometimes to Lo Manthang, but it is overcrowded, risky, unsafe, and may not be available all the time. As a result, a private jeep is recommended for a safe and comfortable journey. While you are taking a private jeep tour, you have an opportunity to visit all the recommended places in the Upper Mustang.

The Upper Mustang overland tour starts from Kathmandu with a private jeep drive to Pokhara and up to Lo-Manthang. After a deep study of our expertise, we kindly suggest that you take a jeep drive from Kathmandu throughout the trip and avoid the flight disturbance from Jomsom to Pokhara and vice versa. The road distance from Kathmandu to Pokhara is 200 km, Pokhara to Jomsom is 155 km, and Jomsom to Lomanthang is 60 km. It is a pleasant drive with beautiful scenery of the mountain range with diverse landscapes. You will be driving a very short distance every day, but you will be spending more time exploring the villages in each place. Please see the below day-to-day tour itinerary and feel free to write us back with any requirements you may have.

Recommended side trips while in Upper Mustang

Monastry Details of Upper Mustang, which you will visit while on the trip.

1. Chungsi Cave Monastery Near Syanmochen/Samar

  • The Sector of Buddhism: Ningmapa
  • Major Statues/Images: Tara Devi, Statue of Guru Rinpoche, Joao Chasapani
  • Remark: "Chhevum Bhumba"(Stone and soil structure increasing itself)

2. Giling Tashi Chyoling Gompa

  • Buddhism: Ngorpa sub-sect of the Sakyapa sect
  • 571 years old/established date
  • Major monastic rituals: Molam, Mandala Puja, Ketor Puja, Dhukpa Chesi, Kangso Chyachchha, Kangso Puja, etc.
  • Sakyamuni, Jhampa, NgorChen, Padma Samabhawa, Chhepame, Dalai Lama, Lhobo Khenjen (Ghhenchen)
  • Ghetongma, Kangyur, Ketatangi, Tangka, Sakya Kabub, and Lhamed. Among them, some are in gold script.
  • Founded by "Lhobo Ghenchen Lama"

3. Ghami Lo Geme Shad Drup Darkeling Gompa

  • Sakyapa sect is a Buddhist sect.
  • Establishment Date/Old: 1414 AD (590 years old)
  • Mela, Heverja, Khyuri Dhunmje
  • Major Statues/Images: Buddha Pravamandal 2'6" high; Bajra Satwa 2'3" high; Buddha Statue 2'9"high; Ngor Chhen Kunga Sangpo, Sakyamuni, Dorjesemba, Midhukpa
  • Ghetangma-03, Sakya Kabum-03, Lhamde-10, Kengyur-103, Tengyur-215
  • Sonama Lodo founded the company.

4. Jhampa Gompa, Lomanthang

  • Sakya sect is a Buddhist sect.
  • 1387 AD (Established Date/Old)
  • Major monastic rituals: Molam Chhyang, Ngyugne
  • Major Statues/Images: Jhamapa Chhempo, Rhikpa Jampa, Dharma Birwa, Lhamu Hoser Chenge Singham
  • Gompas house gold-painted tantric Mandalas.

5. Lomanthang's Thupchen Gompa

  • Sakyapa sect is a Buddhist sect.
  • Established in the 15th century
  • Thupchen, Nmgyal Chhorten, Chen Tejik, Jampalyang Gurun Rinpochhe, Dhristrarastra, Baishnawan, Birudhak Birupaksya
  • The Hude wooden beams in Dukhang carry Buddhist mantras inside the gompa.

6. Lomanthang's Chhyode Gompa

  • Sakyapa sect is a Buddhist sect.
  • Established in 1757 A.D.
  • Major monastic rituals: Tenchi, Saka Dhawa, Lolam, Bayang Yaarne, Lhabap, Duchhen
  • Major Statues/Images: Dorje Sonnu, Dorje Dhhang, Sange Thukpa
  • Beautiful Thanka Thompa houses and images

7. Chhujung Gompa in the vicinity of Lomanthang

  • The Sakyapa sect is a religious order.

8. 2 Garghu Dhejing Chhyoling Gompa, Garphu, Chhoser

  • The sector of Buddhism: the Ningmapa sect of Sakyapa
  • 500 years old/established date
  • Major Monastic rituals: Chyuchi Ngyugne, Mahakala Puj, Hyum, Kengyur, Tengyur, Ghyutor, Chhempo
  • Major Statues/Images: Guru Rinpochhe, Dhorje Chhyang, Chhewang Lhindu, Siiji Shhyamjo
  • Major religious books: Rinjin Dhorje, Kathang Dherng, Kathang Sanlingma
  • Remark: Guru Rinpochhe's footprint on stone

9. Nyiphuk Namdol Norbuling Gompa, Choser, Nyiphuk

  • The sector of Buddhism: Ngorpa sub-Sector of Sakyapa
  • Date of establishment/age: 600 years
  • Major monastic rituals: Saka Dhawa, Ketor Dhinchhu, Dhukpa Chhesi, Mahakala Puja
  • Major Statues/Images: Dhorje Chhyang, Sakyamuni, and Lo Khenchen. Sonam Lindup
  • Major religious books: Ghetongba, Todsum, Dhomang, Khaj yuk Vembu, Lo Khejen Sonam Lhindup

Upper Mustang Overland Tour Itinerary

Open All Close All
Day 1 : Arrival i Kathmandu and transfer to the hotel
Accomodation Hotel Moonlight
Elevation 1350

On your upon arrival, you will be collected from the airport by our company representative who will escort you to your hotel. Rest of the time is free and leisure

Day 2 : Kathmandu Leisure Day
Food Breakfast
Accomodation Hotel Moonlight
Elevation 1350

This is a leisure day in Kathmandu. Prepare for a permit and check the trekking gear.

Day 3 : Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara 200 km, 6/7 hrs.
Food Breakfast
Accomodation 3 star rated hotel,
Elevation 850

After having breakfast at your hotel, you will start your overland trip to Pokhara by private vehicle. It goes through the Prithivi Highway to the beautiful lake city of Pokhara, enjoying the scenery of villages in the lush hillside landscape along the way. Arrive and check in to the hotel. Then walk around beautiful Fewa-Lake and enjoy the evening life of tourist hub Lake-Side Pokhara.

Day 4 : Drive from Pokhara to Tatopani 110 km, 4/5 hrs.
Food Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Accomodation Hotel (Twin Room)
Elevation 1200

Today we explore the major attractions of beautiful Lake-City Pokhara, including World Peace Pagoda, Devi's Fall, Mahadev Cave, Seti Gorge, and the International Mountaineering Museum. Then drive to Tatopani (Hot-Spring), exploring Beni and Galeshor temples on the way.

Day 5 : Drive from Tatopani to Kagbeni 65 km, 5/6 hrs.
Food Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Accomodation Hotel (Twin Room)
Elevation 2800

Drive to Kagbeni from Tatopani after breakfast and explore Marpha-Apple Garden and Jomsom on the way. It is an adventurous mountain road drive with delightful scenery and amazing landscapes, along with the world's deepest gorge, the "Kaligandaki Gorge."

Day 6 : Drive from Kagbeni to Ghiling, 26 km, 5 hrs.
Food Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Accomodation Hotel (Twin room)
Elevation 3600

We start our real adventurous tour today. Our drive today involves Chhusang, Chele, and Samar Village. Take our lunch and walk around Samar; visit Chhuyer Chorten; explore Samar Gompa; and enjoy the view of Annapurna and Nilgiri. After having lunch, we drive to Sangbochen via Vana or walk 8km via Ramchung Cave (Chungsi Cave Monastery), enjoying great views of Tilicho Peak, Yakawa Kang, and Damodar Danda. Next, we drive to Yamada La pass at 3,850m with Chorten and down the beautiful valley of Ghiling, with its surrounding fields of barley, wheat, buckwheat, potatoes, and Tashi Chyoling Gompa. Overnight at the Guest House

Day 7 : Drive from Ghiling to Charang 18 km, 3 hrs.
Food Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Accomodation Hotel (Twin Room)
Elevation 3550

Today we start our tour with a drive to Ghami, with its beautiful fields surrounding the entire village, where we explore the old Winter Palace of Lo-Kingdom and Shad Drup Darkeling Gompa, related to the Sakyapa sect of Buddhism founded by Sonama Lodo in 1414 AD. Then again, we drive and cross a bridge over the Ghami Khola and hike for an hour to explore Dhakmar, another beautiful village with the striking sight of red cliffs glowing brightly in the sun. Then we further drive to Charang Village, Mustang’s second-largest town, with a monastery built by Bsum Grub Dorje in the 16th century AD and around 1000 inhabitants.

Day 8 : Charang to Lomangthang 15 km, 2 hr. drive
Food Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Accomodation Hotel (Twin Room)
Elevation 3800

Today we walk to Gyakar village (3,950m), which houses a century-old Ghar Gompa with beautiful rock paintings. Ancient Ghar Gumba was built in the 8th century by a Tibetan magician, Guru Padmasambhava, related to the Nyingma sect of Buddhism. According to a local legend, anyone who makes a wish at the Gompa will have it fulfilled. We explore the Gompa and continue the trek to Lo-Mangthang or back to Charang and drive to Lomanthang.

Day 9 : To explore Lomangthang,, visit Chhoser and Kora La, 20 km.
Food Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Accomodation Hotel (Twin Room)
Elevation 4650

Lo Manthang is a walled town in the remote Upper Mustang region of Nepal. We spend the day touring three major gompas in town, namely Jhampa, Thupchen, and Chhoeda. All of these gompas have undergone expert restoration over the last two decades. Then, we drive to Kora la (4,660m), take pictures, and drive back to Chooser to visit caves and monasteries, and back to Lomanthang.

Day 10 : Lomangthang back to Jomsom 90 km, 7/8 hrs.
Food Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Accomodation Hotel (Twin Room)
Elevation 2700

We drive back to Jomsom on the same tour. Enjoy the beautiful views of Nilgiri and Dhaulagiri en route.

Day 11 : Jomsom flies to Pokhara in the morning and Kathmandu in the afternoon.
Food Breakfast
Accomodation 3 star rated hotel,
Elevation 850

We take an early morning 20-minute flight from Jomsom to Pokhara and take another connected half-hour flight to Kathmandu from Pokhara. You will be collected from the Kathmandu airport by our company representative, who will escort you to your hotel. We arrive back in Kathmandu by mid-afternoon when you have time for some shopping or to just relax in your hotel.

Day 12 : Final departure
Food Breakfast
Elevation 1350

Your journey ends today once we escort you to the airport for your onward flight.

Service Includes on Price

Cost Includes

  • All airport transfers
  • All transportation from Kathmandu to Lomanthang and Jomsom is provided in a luxurious jeep.
  • Three nights in Kathmandu, twin sharing, including breakfast
  • B/B hotel in Pokhara for one night
  • Meals (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner) whilst the mountain
  • Clean and comfortable eight-night accommodation at teahouses during the Mustang tour period.
  • A government-approved professional English-speaking guide throughout the trip.
  • All required paperwork, company service fees, and local taxes
  • Annapurna conservation entry permit
  • Jomsom to Pokhara by flight
  • Pokhara to Kathmandu by flight

Cost Excludes

  • Visa Fees
  • Hot and bottled drinks
  • Electronic device re-charge
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Hot shower 
  • Travel insurance and medical evacuation
  • Tip

Group Joining Fixed Departure Dates

Start Date
Trip Duration
Cost Per Person
Join Group
12 Days
USD 2500


What type of jeep will be used for this overland tour?

We use 4X4 Toyota Land Cruiser or 4X4 Mahindra Scorpio for our top Mustang Jeep trips. Regarding the Jeep drivers they are very experienced for  driving in off road. So far they have 100% safety records.

What is the best season to visit?

Upper Mustang is the rain shadow zone where you can visit from August to mid-December and February to May.

What are the physical requirements for the Upper Mustang Jeep Tour?

The Upper Mustang Jeep Tour is designed for home travelers who are physically unable or unable to make the trek to Mustang in time. It is suitable for all types of people from children to adults.

At the airport Will someone come to pick us up upon arrival?

Yes, a Mountain Magic Treks representative will be there to greet you outside the terminal hall. He will display your name on the Mountain Magic Treks name card. After that you will be transferred to the pre-selected hotel.

What is the visa process and visa cost? Do we apply for visa from our country or get it at Nepali airport? What necessary documents should I bring with me?

You can get visa at Tribhuvan International Airport after landing, also it will be easier if you fill visa form online ( before taking flight to Nepal. Entry Visa Fee – Currently entering Nepal is $25 for 15 days, $40 for 30 days and $100 for three months visa.
You must bring the following required documents on the trip:

  • Validity of Passport: The Passport Must be valid for 6 months.
  • Travel Insurance: You are required to provide a copy of the insurance document and family contacts to Mountain Magic Treks before starting the trek.
What kind of accommodation can I expect in Kathmandu and Upper Mustang?

Kathmandu has all types of hotels from budget to luxurious with five star service. Generally, Mountain Magic Treks offers three hotel services in our outline itineraries. We can also adjust according to your choice.

Staying in Mustang: Teahouses/lodges will usually provide you with basic clean facilities including mattresses and quiet blankets. We can also offer a Mountain Magic Treks sleeping bag if required (which needs to be returned after the trip) but it is always better to have a personal sleeping bag.
We usually offer you single and double rooms as well as occasional dormitories. Single rooms are very difficult to manage during peak season so double rooms are preferred in our outline itineraries.

How is the condition of the toilet in Mustang?

Usually teahouses and lodges have common toilet facilities, which are usually neat and clean. Nowadays, a small number of teahouses and lodges offer attached toilets. We will provide you with the best possible option in this regard.

How are the shower facilities during the trek?

Usually there are hot water bath services in various teahouses and lodges. In the absence of such facilities, teahouses/lodges will provide you with a bucket of hot water. You have to pay for the bath yourself and the cost varies from place to place.

What kind of food can you expect at Mustang?

Most teahouses serve vegetarian food such as pasta, tuna bake, noodles, potatoes, eggs, dal bhaat, roti, soup, fresh vegetables (various depending on the season) and some desserts such as apple pie, pancakes and some desserts. Interesting attempt at custard. You will find many garlic items on the menu, eat some every day as it helps with compatibility.  In many large villages you can find meat on the menu. You can always get hot chocolate, tea, coffee, hot lemonade as well as soft drinks. Each day's meals and breakfast are served at the lodge where you spend the night. Lunch will be taken on the way to the destination every day, Dinner and breakfast will be in the same hotel where you will be staying.

What is the likely temperature and weather during the Upper Mustang trip?

Weather in the mountains region is notoriously difficult to predict. Generally, the nights are cool, while the days are warm. Winter (January and February) will be a bit cold but the days can be very beautiful and warm if the sun is out.

January, February and December will see little snowfall. The temperature inside the tea house/lodge is well maintained. You can always sit by the fire to keep yourself warm. The temperature during the day can range from 20 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius.

Can I charge my camera and mobile battery during my trip?

These facilities will be available at most of your guesthouse receptions for some service charge. Don't forget to bring your adapter!!

How are the communication facilities during the walk?

Most hotels/lodges have telephone services from which you can make international calls. Mobile network services are available in most locations. In addition, Global Holidays Adventure offers satellite phone services on every trip.

Can I use ATMs and credit cards while travelling?

To get the money our ATM and credit card facilities can be used in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Jomsom only. On top of that, you need cash payments for the various services you need.

How much money do I need extra per day during the trip?

In Kathmandu, you can set aside $10-15 for lunch and dinner. It all depends on your spending habits. $. 15-20 per day to buy water bottles, chocolates and some drinks during trekking.

Do I need to tip my staffs as guide and driver? How much will that be?

Well it totally depends on you. It is customary to tip the guide and driver after the trip. Tipping is a great way to acknowledge their work and thank them in a better way, something they will appreciate and support in their daily lives.

What is the arrangement of drinking water on the trip? Should I bring a water purifier?

Bottled water is readily available in most places. If you want to drink plain water, you need to use a purification aid, better if you have some for yourself.

What facilities are available in case of emergency during the trek?

If you are suffering from altitude sickness or any other problem, we will offer you medicines prescribed by the doctor according to the type of problem you are facing. We will descend you and in extreme cases, you will be rescued by helicopter.

Why is travel insurance mandatory?

In case of any casualty, travel insurance will be a boon to cover the expenses. In case of helicopter rescue, the helicopter charge, which is slightly more expensive, may also be covered by your insurance. So it is a good practice to check your insurance validity and policy, whether it recovers salvage fees or not.

Are Mountain Magic Treks employees insured?

Yes, all employees of Mountain Magic Treks including guides and porters are insured for recovery of any kind of casualty.

Can I add more days to my trip?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to add a few days to the trip. Along with your trekking you can add days at your request with additional costs to cover guides, porters, driver, accommodation and food.

I want to extend my trip, any recommendations?

Yes, there are many options and options to extend your vacation before or after your main trip. You can visit our other tours to add to the main program. In general, the following trips are suggested for your vacation extensions.

In case of any casualty, travel insurance will be a boon to cover the expenses. In case of helicopter rescue, the helicopter charge, which is slightly more expensive, may also be covered by your insurance. So it is a good practice to check your insurance validity and policy, whether it recovers salvage fees or not.

Are Mountain Magic Treks employees insured?

Yes, all employees of Mountain Magic Treks including guides and porters are insured for recovery of any kind of casualty.

Can I add more days to my trip?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to add a few days to the trip. Along with your trek we can add days at your request with additional costs to cover guides, porters, accommodation, driver and food.

I want to extend my leave, any recommendations?

Yes, there are many options and options to extend your vacation before or after your main trip. You can visit our other tours to add to the main program. In general, the following trips are suggested for your vacation extensions.
White river rafting, paragliding, bungee, Chitwan jungle safari tour Package and other adventures.
Volunteering in schools and villages.
On the top menu of our website, under Company there is "Our Legal Documents" where all our legal documents are located. We are officially registered with:

Additional Information

Useful Information

The best reasons to choose an Upper Mustang Jeep Tour

4WD Upper Mustang tour is very luxury tour in Himalayas. You will explore the most beautiful landscapes, ancient Tibetan culture and thousand-year-old Buddhist monasteries. Walking along the old trekking route to Lo-Manthang takes a long time and is physically challenging for inexperienced travelers. Jeep trip is very easy and wonderful trip to reach Lo-Manthang and visit all corners of Mustang.
It's a similar experience on a trek where you can stop your jeep at any sight and admire the beauty of the Mustang. Undoubtedly, this is one of the adventurous 4WD drives where you will be a part of the breathtaking landscape of rain shadow Himalayas.

Jeep tours are suitable for all age groups.

The Upper Mustang Jeep Tour is suitable for all age groups. As our previous experience we had the experience of an 84 year old traveller. This tour is suitable for everyone. Those who cannot walk in the Himalayas or those senior citizens can easily join this adventurous jeep tour.

A great experience of culture and religion

Mustang itself is a mini-Tibet where people are influenced by ancient Tibetan culture and traditions. The entire state celebrates Tibetan festivals that are unique to other parts of Nepal. A visit to a thousand-year-old monastery and chorten is also the main attraction of the Mustang tour.

Why ride upper Mustang tour on Jeep?

You're planning to visit a new destination, so booking with a local tour expert saves you money and time. We are a local tour agency that conducts Mustang Jeep Tours starting with riding in a Mustang. We are very flexible and offer the best customized itineraries.

In terms of Jeeps we have our own 4X4 Toyota Land Cursor or 4X4 Mahindra Scorpio for our upscale Mustang tours. We ensure that our drivers have plenty of experience in off road driving and are responsible for your personal belongings. So far they have 100% safety records.

Best rate and service promise.

We guarantee and promise our best price to our valued customers who join us for their precious holidays in Nepal. Also, we ensure that we will provide the best services available throughout the journey. Guest satisfaction is our main motto. 

local knowledge.

Born and raised in Nepal, we are local exporters and know the secrets and traditions of our place better than anyone else. Our jeep tours in Upper Mustang are handled by our professional guides with expertise about Mustang and Buddhist culture. Especially for Mustang we have selected guides who have studied Buddhism and spent many years as monks in monasteries. We never offer anything we haven't experienced before and never promise anything that is not possible on the trip. Our trip leader and 4WD drivers are all selected and well trained.

Safety is our top priority.

Your health and safety is the primary responsibility of Global Vacation Adventures. Our intelligently designed itineraries ensure a customized process in the Himalayas. Upper Mustang is not a high altitude area but we carry oxygen cans in our jeeps in case of emergency. Also, our guides are fully trained and experienced in how to handle high altitude situations.  
24/7 hour services.
We are at your service 24 hours a day and are happy to answer your questions in the shortest possible time - either immediately or within a few hours.

Customize your itinerary.

We are coming up with our standard itinerary on our page but we are always flexible to arrange your trip based on your schedule and needs.  Please write your essential plan before booking your trip to our tour specialist who will help you plan the prefect trip for you.

Necessary tools

Equipment items are personal preferences and choices but the most important fact is that you should carry enough clothes to withstand the cold weather in the Himalayas. The following list gives you a general idea of ​​the personal items you can bring for this adventure jeep tour. Clothing and Apparel
1 Down jacket: Evenings and mornings will be chilly depending on the weather you visit. But a down jacket is a must as it will be very cold on the trails. It is very useful in the morning and evening. The down jacket should be of good quality; They can be rented or bought around Kathmandu and Thamel Bazaar. (if you want to use)

1 fleece jacket/sweater: It is best to pack two fleece jackets/sweaters; A light one for day and a medium weight one for evening while staying at tea house/hotel.

1 Light weight jacket (windproof): A windproof light jacket is a must. It's a good idea to pack a windproof jacket as it gets quite windy on the way to Upper Mustang. This jacket takes up little space in your luggage but is very useful during travel.
Fleece Pants: Travelers should pack fleece pants for evening and morning wear at tea house/hotel. It keeps you warm enough even in cold temperatures. (Must be of good quality)

1 Light trousers: You will need light hiking trousers during the zip drive and exploration around the village and monastery. It will be very useful as it is light weight and will be easy to walk. It would be better if the trousers are water/windproof for better performance.
1 pair of shorts: A pair of shorts is always a good option on a jeep trip. You can wear a pair of shorts in the afternoon or during the drive because of the long trip up to Upper Mustang and back. A pair of shorts makes your walk easy and hassle free.

2 T-shirts: 2 T-shirts are mandatory for the tour but travelers can pack 1-2 more as per their requirement. Don't forget to pack quick dry fleeces as cotton t-shirts are very thin and won't fit.

2 Long sleeved shirts: 2 long sleeved quick dry shirts should be worn in the morning and evening.

Innerwear: Thermal innerwear is a must because it will be very cold and it helps you warm your body from the inside.
4 Pairs of Socks: 4 pairs of socks should be packed (or more as per the needs of the travelers). They should be of good quality. It is best to pack two pairs of cotton socks and two pairs of woolen socks.

Light Shoes/Sandals: 1 Light Shoes/Sandals to wear in Teahouse/Hotel.

Hiking Boots: A pair of hiking boots to wear during the trip. It should have good quality and good ankle support. It is not a long walk but a short walk in search of villages, temples and monasteries. Lightweight waterproof hiking boots are a good choice.

Sun hat: A wide-brimmed sun hat to protect yourself from the sun during the day.

Warm hat: A warm woolen / fleece hat to protect from cold and wind.

Sunglasses: A pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses to prevent glare from the sun's rays.

Warm Gloves: A pair of woolen/fleece gloves to protect you from the cold and keep your hands warm. A pair of gloves with a waterproof outer shell would be good. (useful in snowy weather)
Nightwear: A pair of nightgowns or pajamas.

Swimming Suit: On the way to Upper Mustang there is a natural hot spring where you can relax by immersing your body in the hot water. So, pack a swimsuit to experience the hot springs.

(Note: You can rent or buy these tools around Thamel Bazaar at reasonable prices.)

Various extra things 

Head Torch: Carrying a head torch can be very useful while travelling. This can be used during cave exploration and when exploring around the village at night. Some places do not have reliable electricity services; So a head torch can be useful in such places.

Binoculars: As you drive across the Himalayas towards the district, you will see various mountain peaks and ranges. Binoculars can be used to get a closer look at the Himalayas and its peaks. 
Solar Charger/Power Bank: It is a good option to pack a solar charger/power bank while traveling to Upper Mustang as there is no reliable electricity for some parts of the trip. With the help of such chargers/power banks you can eliminate such problems and don't have to depend on teapots for charging purposes. Also, most of our vehicles have charging ports.

Pocket/Swiss Knife: A pocket/Swiss knife can be useful for various purposes while traveling and does not take up much space in the bag.

Reading materials: Reading materials like books and magazines can also be a good thing to rely on during rest days and free time. Every hotel has a dining area where you can spend your free time reading books. (most evenings)

Camera: Camera to capture memories and photos during travel. Also, don't forget to bring memory cards and spare batteries with the camera.

Clock: A simple clock to tell the time. It is also useful to track the drive duration from one place to another. Although every phone has a watch, it is recommended to carry a wrist watch which will be useful in case your phone is not charged or dead.
Trekking Poles: Trekking poles are not mandatory as there is no trekking. These hiking poles can be useful for travelers who do not have to walk for long but have to climb a place on foot where they have trouble walking up and down. (We also provide good in Kathmandu if you need it).

Toiletries: This includes most personal items such as toothbrushes, tooth pastes, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shaving machines and accessories, wet wipes, hand sanitizers, personal hygiene kits, toilet papers, tissues, pesticides and vice versa.

Travel towel: It is better to carry separate personal towel during any trip.
Sun Block Creams and Moisturizers: Sun block and sun screen creams help protect you from the sun and its rays; UVB and UVA. Always choose a good product that protects against both UVB and UVA. Cold creams and moisturizers are also recommended as they prevent the skin from drying out and keep your skin hydrated.
1 Personal water bottle: It would be better if you carry your own personal water bottle during any trip.

1 Dry Bag: 1 separate dry bag for keeping used clothes separate and also for other purposes.

Adapters and plugs: Plugs C, D and M are the respective plug types and the standard voltage is between 220 to 240 V. Please carry adapters and plugs as in Nepal.

Spare batteries: Don't forget to carry extra batteries for your devices such as cameras, torches, iPods, mobiles and vice versa. This can be useful in emergency situations.

Gas with a small camping stove and some sugar and coffee: Most travelers travel to different places to enjoy nature and for refreshment purposes. Carrying a small camping stove and gas can be a good option for chilling around nature with a few cups of coffee.

Just, stop the car at a beautiful place and make a coffee that can take only 10 minutes. This little time spent around nature with a cup of coffee and friends will be one of the memorable things to do during the trip. (Gas is not allowed on the flight so the company will provide you with a complementary gas bottle.)

Medicines and first aid kits

First Aid Kit: First aid kit will be provided to the guide for emergency problems by the company. This first aid box includes healing tape, antibiotics, medicine for diarrhea, food poisoning, pain relief spray, bandages, hydration salts, roller gauge, medical tape, paracetamol, Diamox and vice versa.  
(Note: Guides are not allowed to give any tablets or medicine to their guests during the trip as passengers may have some side effects of the medicine.)

Personal Medicines: If some passengers have health problems and have any medicine prescribed by a doctor please take them with you. Also, carry some paracetamol, Diamox and anti-diarrheal medicine in case of emergency.

Other by Tour company

Sleeping Bags: Our company will provide one sleeping bag to each passenger during the entire Upper Mustang tour. It is colder at night than during the day. Please remember to pack them up and load them into the jeep after each night.

Water: Our company will provide sufficient mineral water to our guests and load them in each jeep for further use. It is better to take a personal bottle and pour water into it. Additionally, you can use a water purifier for more security issues.

Oxygen Gas: As this tour takes you to high altitudes, acute mountain sickness can be seen in some travelers. To alleviate this problem, our company will provide small oxygen gasses that will help you breathe at high altitudes.

Booking Terms and Conditions

Mountain Magic Treks Pvt.Ltd Term & Conditions:

Please read Mountain Magic Treks Pvt. Ltd. Terms and Conditions carefully prior to trip booking. Trekking or mountaineering in the higher elevations of the Himalayas is one of the most adventurous endeavors which carries the risk of AMS, injuries, or even death. Mountain Magic Treks is always concerned about trekkers' comfort, safety, and health while meandering at higher altitudes. We contribute great effort to reduce or control the risk and hazard, but sometimes nature’s curse or fluctuating climate in the Himalayas is beyond our control and we are not responsible for it.
If you are a keen adventure lover and are ready to follow the hereby mentioned terms and conditions, then you are heartily welcome at the Mountain Magic Treks Pvt.Ltd office, Galko Pakha, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Booking Terms and Conditions:

1. All package bookings are handled by Mountain Magic Treks Pvt. Ltd, an authorized adventure company based in Nepal's capital, Kathmandu.

2. The term "trip" formally refers to walking, sightseeing, treks, tours, mountaineering, expeditions, or holidays in the mystical land of Nepal.

3. Mountain Magic Treks faithfully includes all amenities in the package's estimated price.

4. Please go through the itinerary page or trek inclusion/exclusion pages for the details of the cost transparency. The trek cost may vary from one package to another, and some packages don’t include the cost of the following:

Personal travel insurance, medical assistance, and helicopter evacuation.

Visa, passport, and transit point expenses.

Extra meals, entertainment activities, accommodation and transportation costs are not included in the itinerary.

Extra baggage and gratuity

5. For trip confirmation, travelers must pay 20% of the total trip cost up front.

6. You can pay the booking confirmation amount either by credit card or wire transfer. Both payment options are subject to additional bank service fees of up to 4% on top of the sum.

Pay deposit by wire transfer:
Pay to:
 Mountain Magic Treks Pvt. Ltd
Current A/c: 01908312510017
Paying Bank: Himalayan Bank Ltd
Account Type: Foreign Currency (USD.)
Branch: Thamel
Bank Street Address: Karmachari Sanchaya Kosh Building, Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Risk and Liabilities:(Bank service charges related to submitting a deposit are the responsibility of the  client)

7. The trip will be booked once the payment is made by the travelers. We will send you the confirmation letter via email and guarantee that you will receive all of the services listed in the itinerary.

8. The final payment must be submitted at the Mountain Magic Treks office or at the hotel where you will be staying before the tip departure. Otherwise, you will not be legitimate for the trip and no final documentation will be disclosed before payment.

9. Regarding the trip cancellation, we offer a free trip cancellation service upon submission of a trustable reason before 90 days of the departure date with adequate evidence and written reasons. 

10. If you cancel the trip 60 days prior to the departure date, then a 75% cancellation fee will be levied from the booking amount.

11. An 85% cancellation fee will be levied if you cancel the trip before 30 days of the trip's departure date.

12. The company will be unable to refund the earlier paid (20%) booking fee if you cancel the trek before 15 days of departure.

13. There will be no payment refund if you voluntarily leave or cancel the trip once it has started, but if you are forced to leave due to unforeseen immediate circumstances, then payment can be refunded after proper discretion.

14. We guarantee your safe and successful trip; however, the company reserves the right to cancel the trip if there will be no minimum number of travelers. The company will postpone or manage alternative trips in this condition.

15. If the company cancels the trip due to any unforeseen circumstances which are beyond our control (i.e. natural disaster, flight cancellation, strikes, wars, riots, quarantine, government intervention policy, weather conditions), we will refund after deduction of the minimum operating cost involved.

16. If you want to change your booking date, the booking amendment request must be made 90 days prior to the original trip departure.

17. If trekkers demand to change the departure date prior to 60 days of the final departure, US $ 50.00 per person will be charged as a cancellation fee. The cost of the trip may also be increased if the market price soars higher during the postponed trip date.

18. The policy of our company is that trekkers must have an insurance policy contract if they want to trek with Mountain Magic Treks. The policy must feature medical coverage, air ambulance, helicopter evacuation facility, and flight cancellation insurance if possible.

19. Mountain Magic Treks and Expedition organizes various adventurous trips, which have a high-risk factor and demand more physical stamina and training. If you can’t accomplish the trek due to your physical inability or sickness, we are not obliged to refund the payment.

20. During the trip, there may be hindrances, obstacles, or circumstances such as political riots, insurgencies, accidents, climate change, or natural disasters. Make sure you are ready to deal with all of these problems.

21. The trip route, accommodation and modes of transport may be changed without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances. It is for your convenience and safety, so I hope you will display flexible human nature in this context.

22. While changing the route, transportation, accommodation, or itinerary due to the above circumstances, we may charge an additional fee or lower the cost as per the total expenses of the entire trek.

23. Mountain Magic Treks holds all the authority to decline, accept, detain, or retain any member of the trip if we find anyone suspicious or indisciplined. If you want to trek with Mountain Magic Treks, you must accept our leadership during the whole trip.

24. Mountain Magic Treks has contracted with a network of companies, the government of Nepal, and individuals to assist the travelers during the trip. These third parties are qualified to perform the duties as contracted. We are not liable in the event of loss, damage, or irregularities if the third parties don’t perform their duties properly.

25. Mountain Magic Treks is not liable for any law or rule violations committed by travelers in any country.

26. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Government of Nepal. No individual, including employees, representatives, or guides of the company, can alter the terms and conditions.

27. In exceptional circumstances, these terms and conditions may be waived by submitting a written request to the director. Only the director of the company has all the rights to amend them.

28. Travelers must be physically and mentally fit for the trek. It is compulsory to bring health certificates along with proper legal documents for trip approval if asked.

29. Mountain Magic Treks is not liable for any additional costs or compensation incurred as a result of a flight being canceled or delayed due to weather or other factors. We can manage alternative arrangements on special requests, which may require additional extra cost.

30. We have displayed authentic, genuine, and accurate information on our official website and brochure. If you notice any errors, incomplete or incorrect information, please notify us as soon as possible.

Please read all the terms and conditions mentioned above before making the bookings. You must abide by these conditions if you fancy trekking in the Himalayas with Mountain Magic Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Equipment List for Upper Mustang Overland Tour

Equipment List

If it’s too much to carry from your home country some of the necessary equipment can be hired or bought in Kathmandu around Thamel as well.
Most of the equipment is general and standard lists for all seasons while on trek, but may differ as per the season and duration of trekking and areas of your chosen trip.

  • Reading/writing material
  • First-aid kit; should contain lip salve, Aspirin, Band-Aids, anti-histamine, Imodium, or similar tablets for mild cases of diarrhea
  • Re-hydration powder, extra prescription drugs you may be taking if any particular
  • Wet wipes for cleaning can be purchased in Kathmandu.
  • Health requirements arranged
  • Money: cash/credit card
  • Down Sleeping bag and Down Jacket provided by Mountain Magic Treks in Kathmandu 
  • Lightweight Towel
  • Day pack (25-30 liter) to carry your personal needs during the day
  • Torch/flashlight - headlamp style is ideal
  • Insect repellent, sunscreen, and lip balm
  • Refillable water bottle - Min 1 Liter Aluminum or Nalgene polypropylene are best
  • Warm Hat
  • Sunhat/bandana
  • Sunglasses
  • Gloves - wool or fleeced and gore-tex
  • Scarf
  • Bag Liners to waterproof your bags (A duffel bag is provided to each trekker for trekking by Mountain Magic Treks in Kathmandu)
  • Sewing Kit
  • Wind and waterproof Jacket & Pants
  • Comfortable and sturdy walking shoes (worn frequently prior to departure)
  • Socks: thick wool blend and thin cotton to be worn in combination - ensure boots fit such a combination
  • Running shoes or sandals for the evening
  • Wool jumper/sweater/fleece. Lightweight during summer, 1 heavyweight or 2 lightweights during winter months.
  • T-Shirts 2 or 3
  • Shirt - Long Sleeved
  • Pants - lightweight long trousers (jeans are unsuitable)
  • Thermals upper and lower
  • Extra warm clothing during winter (December to March) layered clothing - thermals

Trip Reviews (3)

Rajuram Neupane

Rajuram Neupane

3rd Dec, 2022

Excellent service by Mountain Magic Treks!

We are two senior Indian journalists, just back from a 15-day tour of Upper Mustang organized by Rewati's highly skilled team at Mountain Magic Treks. Revathi made excellent arrangements and catered to our needs throughout the trip. He was well mannered, responsive and responsible. Although there were some problems with the money transfer from India, he made all the arrangements without waiting for advance remittance from us. The Jeep he provided was excellent and could negotiate the unforgiving terrain of the Upper Mustang. The flight and hotel were smooth. I strongly recommend this agency to anyone who wants to travel in Nepal. Mountain Magic Treks is a responsible and responsive travel agency.



3rd Dec, 2022

Twice in Nepal with Mountain Magic Trek

Went to Kingdom of Mustang in October 2022 with Rewati and her team, had a great time traveling in a 4x4 vehicle. I said the team was there for us in every aspect of the trip and helped make it memorable for us. We decided to trek the "Frozen Lake of Guisekund" this spring and it was only natural that we turned to Revathi who once again hosted a great experience for our group.
The guide Khem and Kiran himself were all along the way to help with a smile. Anyone who wants to travel or trek in Nepal can safely recommend Mountain Magic Treks and Rewati.

Brain Chu

Brain Chu

3rd Dec, 2022

Excellent service by Mountain Magic Treks

During booking, I dealt only with Revathi. All my emails were answered promptly, courteously, and with all the information I needed. After arriving in Kathmandu I met Kiran, she was equally helpful, but Revathi became my main contact.
And he is fantastic! He went above and beyond to take care of every little detail of my trip, and even helped me with things like getting a Russian visa.
I felt completely safe on the Mustang Yatra knowing that every detail was taken care of. I had excellent guides and excellent vehicles. We had to change vehicles several times due to the roads, and somehow there was always one waiting for us – a major logistical feat considering the lack of cell phone coverage and distance!
Mountain Magic Treks and Rewati and Kiran are totally professional, 100% honest and reliable, and I highly recommend them for any trip you want to do - from a day trip to an extended trek in the Himalayas.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Upper Mustang Overland Tour

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