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Mardi Himal Short Trek
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Mardi Himal Short Trek

Trip Overview

Key Information

Group Size







Hotels (Twin room)


Flight & Private Car

Best Months


Max Elevation


Trip Length

5 days



Trekking Style

Tea House



Activity Per Day

5-6 hrs

Trekking Region


Trip Overview

Mountain Magic Treks designed Mardi Himal Short Trek 5 days from Kathmandu which starts with 20 20-minute flight to Pokhara. From a nice and beautiful city Pokhara 1:30 hours drive to Kande, the Kande village is a real trekking starting point due to our Itinerary for Mardi Himal Short Trekking for 5 days.

The trekking is situated in the Annapurna region of Nepal Himalaya. Mardi Himal Trek provides you with picturesque scenery with the overwhelming experience of the mountainous terrain, environment-friendly soaked view of green hills, and snowcapped mountains, and walks into the pristine forest and nature of lovely rhododendron, Pine and oak.

On the trail, we trek through the high ridge with a constant view of Annapurna Himalayan ranges and Dhaulagiri in the western part of Nepal, Mt.Machhapuchhre (Fishtail) in the east, and Manaslu Himalayan range in the east part of Nepal Himalaya. Mardi Himal is located on the bottom of Mt. Machhapuchhre which is one of the forbidden mountains and unclimbed peaks.

The Mardi Himal Short Trek moves towards the western part of Nepal in the Annapurna region with our final destination through the narrow trekking trail offering the vision of different Himalayan peaks, green forests, nice Gurung villages, beautiful lakes, white waterfalls, and wild animals like Monkeys, Musk deer, mountain goat and many more.

Mardi Himal Short Trekking distance is 5 to 7 hours a day with enough time to enjoy the views and take a lot of pictures and videos. The first day is a little longer with the flight to Pokhara and drives to Kande then trekking starts to go to Deurali. Then the next day we move towards Low Camp, trek to High Camp, and then finally trek to Mardi Himal Base Camp.

After the beautiful experience in base camp, we trek back down to Siding through the other valley. From Siding Village Mountain Magic Treks provides the private vehicle for your ridgeback to Pokhara.

Important Tips for Mardi Himal Short Trek

You must know a few things before you plan for the Mardi Himal Trek, find some important tips below:

You should drink a lot of water. Your buddy will be sweating more while trekking. Your body will adore more water content and our advice is a minimum of 3 liters of water a day need to drink. Furthermore, you may feel dehydrated.

Along these lines, to keep up body hydration, drink water sufficiently at the list as we mentioned. You can bring it with you or buy it in Kathmandu before you start your trek and carry a water purifier. Drinking the steam water straightforwardly isn't clean and it might affect you in the mountain so you should use the purifiers in your filled-up water bottle. To be on the safe side carry insect repellents and table salts if you trekking in summer or the monsoon season.

They are fundamentally easy to manage mosquitoes and parasites, fundamentally. The trekking with an experienced guide is an extraordinary option. They will help you with everything all through the trek. Hiring a guide helps your safety and security.

They will assist you in arranging for sustenance and lodging with informed history, and Mardi Himal Trek information day by day. Please carry enough Nepali rupees. The Mardi Himal Trekking is a newly opened (recently) trekking trail. In this trekking route, you may not find an ATM. Best way to consult with your trip operator or tour guide before you depart for trekking.

Mardi Himal Trek Route Map

The Mardi Himal Trek route begins from Kande village, with a short flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara and a drive up from Pokhara. The trekking from Potana or Deurali to Forest Camp is at a high altitude of 2,495m and it takes 5-6 hours.

Our trekking continues from Forest Camp towards Low Camp which has an elevation of 2,965m and it will take 4 hours (in the high altitude we walk short distances but need more time to enjoy the view and relax). Our next stop will be at High Camp which is 3,545m. Finally, we trek up to our ultimate goal. Mardi Himal Base Camp has an elevation of 4,500m.

When we return from Mardi Himal Base Camp, we will trek down to the beautiful village Siding which is 1440m. From Siding we will return to Pokhara.

Why do you like Mardi Himal Short Trek 5 days?

Mardi Himal Trek can be one of the magnificent beauty treks for any trekkers. You will enjoy the best views of Mt. Macchapuchre, Mt. Annapurna, and Mt. Himchuli. Fragrant and colorful plants of Rhododendron forests will steal your heart. You will get a great chance to know the socio-cultural values and lifestyles of the Magar and Gurung communities.

For the magnificent views of the Annapurna Himalayas, you must choose the Mardi Himal Trek 5 days. This is a short trekking destination at a cheap cost and anyone can join. This trekking is suitable for all age-old and both solo trekkers and group trekkers.

You will appreciate the fascinating view of the Annapurna Himalayan range. During the Mardi Himal Short Trek, the astonishing beauty of sunrise and sunset views is outstanding. If you are passionate about solo trekking then you will love Mardi Himal Trekking. This trek is preferable for all-grade trekkers.

Best time for Mardi Himal Trek: September-November & March-May

Other activities you can do in Pokhara: Zip Flyer, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping (River rafting in Trisuli River which is on the way to Kathmandu)  

Mountain Magic Trek Pvt. Ltd is one of the best local travel agencies in Nepal, engaged fully in the field of tourism and management since 2009. Do we provide the best offers for our customers with negotiable prices and flexible itineraries? If you have prepared your itinerary we can follow that too.

Do we provide group joining facilities as well during the high season If possible you can make your group and inform us before you arrive in Nepal for the trip, but if you do not have a group then we can involve you in another group if you agree if you demand it.

You can check our fixed departure dates for the appropriate schedule but if you do not find the date you planning you can discuss your schedule with Mountain Magic Treks. Feel free to contact us, we are ready for your assistance. Important Note:

This Mardi Himal Short Trekking package starts from Kathmandu and also it is possible to start from Pokhara if you go to Pokhara by bus (It takes a day 6-7 hours) or if you will be in Pokhara and want to start from Pokhara. To start Mardi Himal Trekking the flight is included. For other activities, you need to pay extra. 

Extra cost: Pokhara-Kathmandu transportation or flight, Hotel in Kathmandu, Paragliding, White river rafting, City tour in Kathmandu and Pokhara 

Domestic Flights cost for Kathmandu-Pokhara-Kathmandu and possibility: the domestic flight runs every day and the aircraft has several companies and in 1 day it does more than 20 flights. The flight starts early morning from 7:00 A.m. to 3:00 Pm, there is possible to get a seat even if you book a day before you fly. It may cost USD120 per person for 1 way flight (For foreigners) Do we provide you the flight tickets even if it may cost extra

Daily Tourist Bus (Kathmandu-Pokhara-Kathmandu)

The tourist bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara or Pokhara to Kathmandu leaves every morning at 7:Am and 7:30 A.m. from the Tourist bus park. It takes around 6 to 7 hours to reach Pokhara or Kathmandu, which means you reach at 2:00 PM but it may take more because of the traffic jams. There will be a two-time break during the drive which is for breakfast and lunch on the way.

The driving cost of the buses ranges minimum from USD 12 to 28 USD per person which depends upon the quality of the tourist bus and the lunch included in it will be different as per your demand. The traffic jams on the way and road conditions affect the arrival and departure if you have a short period. 

We can provide you with the bus tickets

Private transportation Car/Jeep with A/C

The private vehicle leaves from Kathmandu on your time which means whenever you want to move. The private vehicle always will be on standby upon your call. The cost for these private vehicles is USD 130 up to USD 150, 4 people can be accommodated on it.

For more than 4 people we have to provide another private Jeep, which will increase the price Higher. The private vehicle can reach in 5 to 6 hours inclusive of a few breaks on the way for food/drinks, and pictures with a comfortable and scenic drive. To Hire a Private vehicle contact us (WhatsApp number: +977-9843601808).

You can contact for your Booking:

Mobile number +977-9843601808 24 Hours Available on WhatsApp, or Viber  Contact Person – Rewati Parajuli /Email us Direct on

The most important note from Mountain Magic Treks for the Mardi Himal Short Trek Itinerary

Mountain Magic Treks Pvt. Ltd is the priority for customer safety. So, register with your embassy in Kathmandu, particularly on the off chance that you intend to go trekking. Try to within the group or trek with a guide, do not trek without a guide and alone.

Guided trekking is the most preferable option while you traveling in Nepal. While you trekking in the mountainous region we cannot predict the weather conditions to avoid consequences occurring due to bad weather but in the high altitude weather will be great every morning even for a short period, we prescribe guided trek.

Changes in the weather at times, unexpected illnesses of a group member like AMS (Acquit Mountain Sickness), and unanticipated natural disasters might bring changes in the designed itinerary programs. In these cases, the guide (who is provided by the company) will help you to overcome the problem anytime. Be prepared to be flexible if necessary and share even if you have a small problem with your guide. Don’t rush or run, do as the guide says every day. 

Don’t travel without travel insurance, you must use a trekking pulse, you must drink water a minimum of 3 litters a day, do you need exercise before you plan to trek like a cycling tour or hike uphill, or normally you should run every morning to be fit. Do you need proper trekking equipment (accept down jackets and sleeping bag Mountain Magic Treks provide)

What is the food like in Mardi Himal Trek?

Dal, Bhat, and Tarakari (Dal: Lentil soup, Bhat: rice, Tarkari: Curry) are typical delicious Nepalese food. Dal, Bhat, Tarkari, and some international cuisines like Tibetan, Chinese, and Indian, but we recommend that be vegetarian because you do not get fresh food in the mountains, just in the city or at low altitude at the beginning of trekking you can eat meat or other items. In beverages, you can get tea, coffee, flavored drinks, and beer, vodka, but alcohol also we don’t recommend it while trekking up to your final destination on the way back you can drink and relax.

How high is the Mardi Himal Base Camp and how high we will reach on this trip?

The Mardi Himal is at a high altitude of 5,585m. Do we trek to Mardi Himal Base Camp which is 4,505meters? We will be hiking up to Base Camp during the day and back to High Camp which is 3,900m from the sea level. This is good enough to get oxygen and risk-free of high altitude.

Is there any age limit for Mardi Himal Trek?

No, for this trekking anyone can join and can complete it easily. Normally you have to be physically fit and if not do you need exercise before your trek. You can do exercise like cycling tours, running every morning even for 30 minutes, or you can hike uphill if possible.

What are the main attractions of the Mardi Himal Short Trek Itinerary?

Mardi Himal trekking is one of the best and shortest trekking destinations with the best views of the Annapurna Himalayas. When you hike up from Deurali every day you can see the mountainous views very close and beautiful. There is no risk of altitude sickness because of the plants and not too high. The most important views are the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchre, and Manaslu Himalayan ranges of this trekking.

Is drinking water available and safe to drink during the Mardi Himal Short Trekking?

Nepal is a small country but this is the second richest country in water resources. You can see and feel how rich is Nepal on streams, ponds, and taps all over the place throughout the Mardi Himal trekking. But drinking water directly comes from the mountain which is natural but not safe to drink.

It would be better for you to be on the safe side to carry water purifier tablets so you can easily drink and enjoy drinking water directly from natural sources or you can drink a mineral water bottle which is easily available during the trek. The cost is getting higher day by day because they have to bring all the things from the city or big markets. Purification tablets Mountain Magic Treks will provide you with as much as you want for trekking.

If this is my first time trekking, what do I need to focus on to complete this trip easily?

Mardi Himal Short Trek is an easy to moderate trek, we advise that you need exercise even for a week (Cycling tour hiking through the rocky trails, or running every morning even short duration) if you do this kind of exercise it won’t be difficult for those who are trekking for the first time. We have to cross a nasty trail because of the animals like horses and donkeys for this trek. 

How will I contact my family during the trek?

There is access to landline phones with ISD services or do we get the NTC (Nepal Telecom Connection) network there so you can directly contact us or you can use data for the internet from your phone. In some lodges, there is a Wi-Fi service available it may cost some amount but do you get services while trekking.

Is there any luxury option for Mardi Himal Trek?

 Only in the city do we get luxurious hotels and other things but in the trekking has basic teahouses. In the high season do we need to share the room with others it means we get separate beds in the same rooms If you are not able to walk and have a short time to explore Mardi Himal then we can also operate helicopter tours to Mardi Himal. You can choose either group joining a tour or a private helicopter tour. We can do as per your demand and comfort level.

What should I do if I become sick in the middle of the trekking?

The Mountain Magic Treks team is like our family don’t panic, and don’t hesitate to inform the guide about your problem what you have. Our trekking guide will take action according to the level of your sickness anytime. If there are minor problems then the guide will look after you and take you to the nearest hospital.

We have fixed departure dates for the years of visit 2020, 2021, and 2022. Do we cover all the seasons for trekking except the moon soon season? The moon soon season is June, July, and August in Nepal.  The peak trekking seasons (March-May and September-November. If you are unable to join on our fixed departure dates do we depart the trek on your willingness date even for solo trekkers?

Short Mardi Himal Trekking takes the same time as for Poon Hill trekking. Our recommendation is for Mardi Himal trek than Poon Hill. The benefit is you reach 4500m high, you can catch the views of all the mountains of the Annapurna Himalayas, you reach Mardi Himal Base camp, and you reach very near Mt. Machhapuchre. If 5 5-day trek is too short for you then you can choose another 9 days of Mardi Himal Trekking which is also nice and easy you complete.

Do Mountain Magic Treks provide just a trekking guide or a porter for carrying our luggage?

Yes, we do. We would say better to hire both a guide and a porter. The porter will be carrying your luggage, it helps you in the high altitude you cannot breathe easily even carrying anything.  Just the handbag, makes it easy to trek with other things in the handbag (light clothes, water, important documents like Passport, money wallet, energy bars, etc.)

If you are fit enough to carry the luggage yourself and if you do not want to have a porter that will be great but you must have a guide for your trekking. The guide knows everything about the mountain hotels, the names of the mountain peaks, and he will give you all the information about this trekking like flora and fauna, the history of this trip, flowers and wild animals many more, so you need to know something about this trek and for the safety do you need to hire a guide.

The Mountain Magic Treks team has smiling faces, friendly staff, and more than 10 years of experience in Mardi Himal trekking.

The trip operator wants to meet you upon your arrival and before departure as well to collect your comments on our services and your experience. This is a long-term business so that do we need some advice from you too, to provide more services but through other ways of servicing or whatever is the best for the future. 

Mardi Himal Short Trek 5 days facts

Trekking Destination: Nepal

Maximum high altitude: 4495m (14747.38ft) 

Minimum high altitude: 1350m (4429.134ft)

Minimum Group size: 1 people

Maximum group size: 12 people 

Trip starting point: Kathmandu 

Trip ending point: Pokhara 

Meals on trekking: Breakfast in Pokhara and all meals in the mountain\

Accommodation: Touristic hotel in Pokhara for 1 night and best available lodge during the trek

Mardi Himal Short Trek Itinerary

Open All Close All
Day 1 : From Kathmandu fly to Pokhara and drive to Kande village and then trek to Pothana or Deurali
Food Lunch/Dinner
Accomodation Hotel (twin room)
Elevation 2120

In our 5 days program do we start the trek from Kathmandu with a short flight to Pokhara then drive to Kande village and then trek starts from here. If you are in Pokhara or you want to go to Pokhara yourself and want to start the trek from Pokhara then you can do it. You will get a discount on it. Due to our program, the trek starts from Kande villa after a short flight and drive.

This day is the most beautiful day, from Pokhara you can see the mountain peaks and after a few hours of your trekking from Australian Camp you enjoy the beautiful Annapurna Himalayan range and you will have lunch at the viewpoint Australian Camp.

The trek continues to Pothana or Deurali, we would say batter to trek to Deurali but it depends upon the flight what time you catch and how speed you can walk. the attraction of this day: you can see the best view of Annapurna Himalayan ranges, so many green hills with Fewa lake on the right, colorful forests of rhododendron, oak, Pine, Bamboos and Gurung settlement with local culture, Sunset view from Deurali as well. 

The journey starts from Kathmandu
Walking time: 4 hours after the 30 minutes flight and 1-hour drive
Lunch break: At Australian Camp (Viewpoint) 
Difficulty: Easy trek 
Altitude: 2124m 
Teahouse availability: 5 Tea houses in Pothana and 3 tea houses in Deurali
Name of the mountains you can see: Mt. Dhaulagiri (8167m), Mt. Annapurna South (7219m), Mt. Machhapuchhre (6993m), mt. Himchuli (6441m), Mardi (5587m)

Day 2 : Trek to Low Camp
Food Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Accomodation Hotel (Twin room)
Elevation 3150

Early morning catch the sunrise view and take hot breakfast then trek along the forest almost after 3-4 hours walk we reach the Low Camp. After Deurali and before Low Camp there are no teahouses anything to have food or whatever do you need so don’t miss snacks and enough water.

You will be walking through the great view of Mt Fishtail and Mardi Himal just in front of you (very near). You get yourself closer to blue sky and nice views of mountains around with lower regions and clear valleys towards the south.  In our trek to the low camp through Forest Camp if you are lucky enough you may get a chance to see the wild animals like Himalayan Thar, Langur Monkeys, Musk Deer. 

Day 3 : Trek to High Camp from Low Camp
Food Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Accomodation Hotel (Twin room)
Elevation 3700

At the beginning of Low Camp, we will trek to the High Camp directly. Leaving the Badal Danda (Name of the hill) behind, we would have plan 4-5 hours walk along the Mardi Himal edge. We trek tough towards high camp and leads through the Mardi ridge providing the majestic views of Mardi Himal and Mt. Machhapuchhre which is very close but in the other side you can see so many peaks After walking through the rhododendron forest valley for 2 hours we will reach Middle Camp.

The tree lines begin getting slighter and the zone generally comprises of bushes with confined rhododendron bushes along the trail. Sometime If you are lucky enough, we may even see the Phesant “Daphne” (national bird of Nepal) on our approach to high camp. It would be a heartwarming experience to view all of these at once.

This is a beautiful day for us to complete our goal which is at high camp on the last day of hiking at the altitude. When you arrive at High Camp, there are only 4 teahouses to remain in. The teahouses are ideal perspectives of the snow-covered mountain peaks.

The teahouses are greater having 8 rooms and in 1 room has a maximum 9 beds so that we have to share with others for 2 nights. The high camp offers a , the has not enough space for the luggage and everything but you can put them under the beds. The HighCamp perfect viewpoint of the mountains. From here the mountain perspectives are dazzling.

Day 4 : Hike to Mardi Himal Base Camp and trek down through another valley to Sidding
Food Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Accomodation Hotel (twin room)
Elevation 4500

Early morning, after breakfast, do we hike towards the High camp in the first part of the day, we at last head towards our main destination- Mardi Base Camp. It takes around 5 hours to arrive at the Mardi Base Camp. At the base camp, we will appreciate the impressive natural environment with exotic flora and fauna and snowy mountains.

We will spend some time there exploring the gleaming Himalayas and snowy landscape. After spending some great time enjoying the beautiful scenes of Himalayas and capturing some beautiful memories, it’s now time to plunge back to Sidding.

The trail demands around 4 hours of the somewhat steep and dangerous drop. The brutal trail brings you into a wonderful conventional village of Siding where the night will be spent. Overnight stay at a Trekkers Lodge or a homestay at Siding seeing the brilliant social encounters.

Day 5 : Drive Back Direct to Pokhara or via Lwang (Mukhkhora) Trekking
Food Breakfast/Lunch
Accomodation Yourself
Elevation 900

This day we go back to Pokhara from Sidding by a sharing jeep. After taking a drive of about 2 to 3 hours, you reach Pokhara and you will be dropped in your hotel. After spending some time with your guide, the journey ends. Extend More Hiking If you want to extend the trek then you can trek to a beautiful village: Lwang which is around 4 hours walk from Sidding.

Here you can have panoramic mountain views, with a tea garden, and tropical forest views. If you stay overnight in Lwang, next morning we will walk one hour to Khoramukh then we will drive for 2 hours to reach Pokhara then we will finish our trek in Pokhara.

Service Includes on Price

Cost Includes

  • All airport transfers
  • All Necessary  paperwork and Permits (Annapurna Conservation permit and TIMS)
  • Flight from Kathmandu-Pokhara 
  • Pokhara-Kande by private car and Siding or Lwang-Pokhara by public Jeep.
  • All the Meals (4 Breakfast, 5 Lunch, and 4 Dinner ) and accommodation during the trek.
  • Trekking permit.
  • One English-speaking Government certificate holder trekking guide and sherpa porter.
  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (we use every day to check your oxygen level and pulse in your body to avoid high risk).
  • Guide and porter: food, lodge, transportation, salary, insurance, equipment etc.
  • First Aids Kit.
  • Local fresh fruit like pomegranates and apples etc.
  • 13% Government VAT and official expenses.
  • Unlimited Chlorine treated Safe Drinking Water  
  • Oxi-meter: To check, heart rating and oxygen saturation to Mardi Himal Base Camp and return

Cost Excludes

  • Travel Insurance and evacuation insurance
  • Hotel In Kathmandu and extra hotel in Pokhara
  • Lunch & Dinner in Kathmandu and  Pokhara
  • Hotel in Pokhara
  • Boiled water and tea/coffee
  • Hot Shower
  • Wi-fi
  • Electronic device re-charge
  • Bottle drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Tip

Group Joining Fixed Departure Dates

Start Date
Trip Duration
Cost Per Person
Join Group
5 Days
USD 550
Start Date
Trip Duration
Cost Per Person
Join Group
5 Days
USD 550
Start Date
Trip Duration
Cost Per Person
Join Group
5 Days
USD 550
Start Date
Trip Duration
Cost Per Person
Join Group
5 Days
USD 550


How hard is Mardi Himal Trek

Actulaay this is not hard. Flying to Pokhara at the beginning and riding on bus at the end so that only 1 night will be little hard but this is nothing. Hotels atr comfortable and all facilities well get in this route so easily can do this trek 

Additional Information

Some Information about Mardi Himal Short Trek


Eating is a big part of the Holiday. Traveling with Mountain Magic Treks, you experience the vast array of wonderful food Nepalese, Italian, Continental, Chinese, and several local cuisines. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are included in the package. Your guide will suggest delicious, hygienic and each place special food during your trip. Mountain restaurant owner prefers not to order many dishes and waste food as they would like to cater more trekkers with limited food before runoff stuck. It’s a week or more day’s hard works to Porters and caravans to bring food to these places. During this trek you will usually have breakfast and dinner at the same Lodge, Lunch will be eaten at one of the trail side restaurants on route. 


A Tea House is a combination of a guest house, restaurant, and social hang out. A private room is available in most tea houses, except for high altitudes ones where it will be just dormitories. The Lodges are fairly basic. The room is spare with twin beds and very little additional furniture. Blankets are generally provided. There is a large dining hall warmed by the Bukhara stove (an iron cylinder, fitted with a chimney duct, in which a log fire is lighted. There is normally no electric lighting in the room unless the village has hydroelectric power. The dining room usually has solar lighting.

Most tea houses now also have electricity for charging small appliances- mobile phones and cameras- and there will be a small charge for this.  

Drinking water

Mountain Magic Treks provides unlimited chlorine/iodine treated water the trek. All tea houses have mineral water and boiled water for trekkers upon additional cost. We discourage the purchase of mineral water and bottled water while on the trek as plastic bottles and difficult to dispose of and have become an environmental problem.

 Route Map

Mountain Magic Treks offers you complementary trekking route map, T-short and duffel bags

What to take for Trekking

This is a very active trip, it means you will be on the move most of the time, so pack as lightly as possible. We provided one porter for two trekkers; your trekking gear will be carried by the porter in a duffel bag that we will provide. The maximum the porters are allowed to carry 15 kg per trekker means 30 kg from two trekkers. Unnecessary luggage can be left in Kathmandu Hotel and its free of cost. 

Important to note

Please read the Gear list section of this trip notes for additional details of what you need to bring for the trek on this trip. You will need to bring a comfortable medium sized day pack to carry the things that you will need during the day. This should have a waist strap or (batter) a padded waist belt. The weather is subject to change in the mountains so layered clothing is recommended all around the year.

What do you need to obtain a Nepal visa

Click here for Application form:

Nepal Entry Application Download PDF 

If you are thinking of taking a visa at the airport or immigration entry point in Nepal, following are your requirements: A valid passport (The passport should have a validity of at least six months) you should fill the application form for visa available at the airport or immigration entry points. Two passport size photos

Travel Insurance:

For everyone who will plan to Trek in Nepal, it is highly recommended that you get travel insurance that covers added expenses that might result due to various health issues, injuries or accidents (together with an air ambulance, helicopter rescue, and another treatment cost). Your insurance policy should cover up the entire activities that you are planning to accomplish throughout your stay in Nepal. In addition to this, the policy should also cover death, misplaced luggage, theft and liability, cancellations, medical treatment (counting hospital charges, cost of the medicine, doctor’s fees) as well as repatriation cost. Also, this trekking trail in Nepal takes you of 4,5000 m above the altitude, therefore, you also need to ensure that your insurance policy covers treks that go over 4,230 m. In short, its client himself/herself has to take responsibility regarding unforeseen expenses during this trip.

Trekking Equipment lists

Mardi Himal Trek Gear List:

This is the most common trekking equipment required for your Mardi Himal Trekking in the Annapurna region of Nepal.

We are providing this listed equipment some of the basics trekking gear list and accessories. Mountain Magic Treks provide a down jacket, sleeping bags, duffel bags, trekking route map. The rest of the equipment you bring yourself from your home or buy in Kathmandu before you depart for trekking. 

We have listed equipment that will be useful even for short trekking or adventurous in Nepal Himalayas.

  • Reading/writing material
  • First-aid kit; should contain lip salve, Aspirin, Band-Aids, anti-histamine, Imodium, or similar tablets for mild cases of diarrhea
  • Re-hydration powder, extra prescription drugs you may be taking if any particular
  • Wet wipes for cleaning can be purchased in Kathmandu.
  • Health requirements arranged
  • Money: cash/credit card
  • Down Sleeping bag and Down Jacket provided by Mountain Magic Treks in Kathmandu 
  • Lightweight Towel
  • Day pack (25-30 liter) to carry your personal needs during the day
  • Torch/flashlight - headlamp style is ideal
  • Insect repellent, sunscreen, and lip balm
  • Refillable water bottle - Min 1 Liter Aluminum or Nalgene polypropylene are best
  • Warm Hat
  • Sunhat/bandana
  • Sunglasses
  • Gloves - wool or fleeced and gore-tex
  • Scarf
  • Bag Liners to waterproof your bags (A duffel bag is provided to each trekker for trekking by Mountain Magic Treks in Kathmandu)
  • Sewing Kit
  • Wind and waterproof Jacket & Pants
  • Comfortable and sturdy walking shoes (worn frequently prior to departure)
  • Socks: thick wool blend and thin cotton to be worn in combination - ensure boots fit such a combination
  • Running shoes or sandals for the evening
  • Wool jumper/sweater/fleece. Lightweight during summer, 1 heavyweight or 2 lightweights during winter months.
  • T-Shirts 2 or 3
  • Shirt - Long Sleeved
  • Pants - lightweight long trousers (jeans are unsuitable)
  • Thermals upper and lower
  • Extra warm clothing during winter (December to March) layered clothing - thermals.
Booking Terms and Conditions

Mountain Magic Treks Pvt.Ltd Term & Conditions:

Please read Mountain Magic Treks Pvt. Ltd. Terms and Conditions carefully prior to trip booking. Trekking or mountaineering in the higher elevations of the Himalayas is one of the most adventurous endeavors which carries the risk of AMS, injuries, or even death. Mountain Magic Treks is always concerned about trekkers' comfort, safety, and health while meandering at higher altitudes. We contribute great effort to reduce or control the risk and hazard, but sometimes nature’s curse or fluctuating climate in the Himalayas is beyond our control and we are not responsible for it.
If you are a keen adventure lover and are ready to follow the hereby mentioned terms and conditions, then you are heartily welcome at the Mountain Magic Treks Pvt.Ltd office, Galko Pakha, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Booking Terms and Conditions:

1. All package bookings are handled by Mountain Magic Treks Pvt. Ltd, an authorized adventure company based in Nepal's capital, Kathmandu.

2. The term "trip" formally refers to walking, sightseeing, treks, tours, mountaineering, expeditions, or holidays in the mystical land of Nepal.

3. Mountain Magic Treks faithfully includes all amenities in the package's estimated price.

4. Please go through the itinerary page or trek inclusion/exclusion pages for the details of the cost transparency. The trek cost may vary from one package to another, and some packages don’t include the cost of the following:

Personal travel insurance, medical assistance, and helicopter evacuation.

Visa, passport, and transit point expenses.

Extra meals, entertainment activities, accommodation and transportation costs are not included in the itinerary.

Extra baggage and gratuity

5. For trip confirmation, travelers must pay 20% of the total trip cost up front.

6. You can pay the booking confirmation amount either by credit card or wire transfer. Both payment options are subject to additional bank service fees of up to 4% on top of the sum.

Pay deposit by wire transfer:
Pay to:
 Mountain Magic Treks Pvt. Ltd
Current A/c: 01908312510017
Paying Bank: Himalayan Bank Ltd
Account Type: Foreign Currency (USD.)
Branch: Thamel
Bank Street Address: Karmachari Sanchaya Kosh Building, Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal


Payment for Booking:
Payment can be done through the below option:
Bank Transfer:
Account Name:
 Mountain Magic Treks Pvt. Ltd
Account Number: 0570010152240
Paying Bank: Mega Bank Nepal Limited
Account Type: Local Currency (Nepali.)
Address: Thamel Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal
Bank service charges related to submitting a deposit are the responsibility of a client:
Risk and Liabilities:
(Bank service charges related to submitting a deposit are the responsibility of the client)

7. The trip will be booked once the payment is made by the travelers. We will send you the confirmation letter via email and guarantee that you will receive all of the services listed in the itinerary.

8. The final payment must be submitted at the Mountain Magic Treks office or at the hotel where you will be staying before the tip departure. Otherwise, you will not be legitimate for the trip and no final documentation will be disclosed before payment.

9. Regarding the trip cancellation, we offer a free trip cancellation service upon submission of a trustable reason before 90 days of the departure date with adequate evidence and written reasons. 

10. If you cancel the trip 60 days prior to the departure date, then a 75% cancellation fee will be levied from the booking amount.

11. An 85% cancellation fee will be levied if you cancel the trip before 30 days of the trip's departure date.

12. The company will be unable to refund the earlier paid (20%) booking fee if you cancel the trek before 15 days of departure.

13. There will be no payment refund if you voluntarily leave or cancel the trip once it has started, but if you are forced to leave due to unforeseen immediate circumstances, then payment can be refunded after proper discretion.

14. We guarantee your safe and successful trip; however, the company reserves the right to cancel the trip if there will be no minimum number of travelers. The company will postpone or manage alternative trips in this condition.

15. If the company cancels the trip due to any unforeseen circumstances which are beyond our control (i.e. natural disaster, flight cancellation, strikes, wars, riots, quarantine, government intervention policy, weather conditions), we will refund after deduction of the minimum operating cost involved.

16. If you want to change your booking date, the booking amendment request must be made 90 days prior to the original trip departure.

17. If trekkers demand to change the departure date prior to 60 days of the final departure, US $ 50.00 per person will be charged as a cancellation fee. The cost of the trip may also be increased if the market price soars higher during the postponed trip date.

18. The policy of our company is that trekkers must have an insurance policy contract if they want to trek with Mountain Magic Treks. The policy must feature medical coverage, air ambulance, helicopter evacuation facility, and flight cancellation insurance if possible.

19. Mountain Magic Treks and Expedition organizes various adventurous trips, which have a high-risk factor and demand more physical stamina and training. If you can’t accomplish the trek due to your physical inability or sickness, we are not obliged to refund the payment.

20. During the trip, there may be hindrances, obstacles, or circumstances such as political riots, insurgencies, accidents, climate change, or natural disasters. Make sure you are ready to deal with all of these problems.

21. The trip route, accommodation and modes of transport may be changed without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances. It is for your convenience and safety, so I hope you will display flexible human nature in this context.

22. While changing the route, transportation, accommodation, or itinerary due to the above circumstances, we may charge an additional fee or lower the cost as per the total expenses of the entire trek.

23. Mountain Magic Treks holds all the authority to decline, accept, detain, or retain any member of the trip if we find anyone suspicious or indisciplined. If you want to trek with Mountain Magic Treks, you must accept our leadership during the whole trip.

24. Mountain Magic Treks has contracted with a network of companies, the government of Nepal, and individuals to assist the travelers during the trip. These third parties are qualified to perform the duties as contracted. We are not liable in the event of loss, damage, or irregularities if the third parties don’t perform their duties properly.

25. Mountain Magic Treks is not liable for any law or rule violations committed by travelers in any country.

26. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Government of Nepal. No individual, including employees, representatives, or guides of the company, can alter the terms and conditions.

27. In exceptional circumstances, these terms and conditions may be waived by submitting a written request to the director. Only the director of the company has all the rights to amend them.

28. Travelers must be physically and mentally fit for the trek. It is compulsory to bring health certificates along with proper legal documents for trip approval if asked.

29. Mountain Magic Treks is not liable for any additional costs or compensation incurred as a result of a flight being canceled or delayed due to weather or other factors. We can manage alternative arrangements on special requests, which may require additional extra cost.

30. We have displayed authentic, genuine, and accurate information on our official website and brochure. If you notice any errors, incomplete or incorrect information, please notify us as soon as possible.

Please read all the terms and conditions mentioned above before making the bookings. You must abide by these conditions if you fancy trekking in the Himalayas with Mountain Magic Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Food Menu Items During the trek

Breakfast Items

Porridge, Fresh Baked Breads, Pancakes, Eggs, Omletes, Musley, Cornflacks with hot milk

Lunch and Dinner

Soups, Pizza, Spring Rolls, Noodles, MoMos, Potatoes, Fried Potatoes, Dal Bhat (Boiled rice with vegetables and lentil soup) etc.

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