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Everest Base Camp Trek in March | Weather | Difficulty | Packing List

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Everest Base Camp Trek in March | Weather | Difficulty | Packing List

Everest Base Camp Trekking in March (or Everest Base Camp Trek in March) is here to give you the most enjoyable trek experience. March is the month where the spring season begins. In this season everything is revived to new life. A bare dry forest turns into a lush green forest, flowers bloom, the scent of plants wafts through the air, and nature is painted with diverse colors. When the mountains are  enthralled with abundant snow in winter, the frozen lakes melt and turn lush green and boast of awe-
inspiring depth and charm. So March is the best month to trek in the Himalayas. As one of the leading adventure tour operators in Nepal, we assure you that your trek will be unique and memorable.

Everest Base Camp Trek Weather in March

March marks the transition from winter to spring. It is also called spring season in Nepal. During this season, the temperature in the region is warmer during the day (i.e. the temperature at Everest Base Camp in March is about 7 degrees), while at night and in the morning it drops to minus zero (i.e. about -7 to-12). Rainfall is low in March with almost clear skies and really low humidity. This means that March is the best weather condition for Everest base camp where you can experience a good and clear view of the mountain. During this season one can also witness the mesmerizing views of the Himalayas covered with snow. In the early days of March, you may encounter occasional snow showers at higher altitudes. This makes trekking in the Himalayas a real adventure. But the temperature in the base camp area is very unpredictable.

Why trek to Everest base camp in March?

A Less crowd

March brings the dry and crisp weather of early spring. As the weather becomes suitable for trekking, their numbers increase slightly. And the trails leading up to Everest Base Camp are decently crowded. There will be a slight increase in the number of trekkers but you can still enjoy the trek at your leisure.
On the way to EBC you should walk on your pace. On the way back you can walk fast or long distance but very important walk slow, drink water as much as you can, and eat on time. You will be able to find accommodation easily without any problem.


Early Morning start your trek

First of all, it is best idea for you to start your trek early in the morning as the days are shorter in March. It helps to reach the destination before evening. Trekking for about 6 to 8 hours is not an easy task. You need regular breaks to reach your destination. So it is necessary to start your trek early in the morning.

Prepare well in advance

Before starting any trek, preparation is most important. The weather in the Everest region is cool in the mornings and evenings. So you can wear layers of clothing so that you can add or remove your clothes depending on the weather conditions. Regular conditioning and hydration

Acclimatization is a mandatory requirement for the high altitude trek of Everest base camp. Hikers should drink water to hydrate regularly to combat altitude sickness. The process of acclimatization gradually increases the level of oxygen in your body. It helps you adapt quickly to high altitude conditions. Hydrating regularly maintains your body temperature as well as oxygen levels in your body. This helps you get more benefits in your trek.

Book your trip in advance

During the trekking season, it is difficult to find lodges and teahouses on the trek. This affects your trekking experience. To avoid these problems you should select your itinerary and book as early as possible to secure your place


In the Everest region, the culture and religion are predominantly Tibetan Buddhist. There are various festivals in March that come from Hindu traditions, so are not widely celebrated in the hills. However, if you plan to visit Nepal in the month of March, you can experience one of the following festivals in Kathmandu before or after your trek. Nepalese festivals follow the lunar calendar, they are celebrated using this, not actual dates, so some festivals that fall in March one year may be in April or February the next. The festivals that usually fall in March which is mentioned below:

Holi Festival:

It is the festival of colors. In this festival, water and colour, dust are thrown and celebrated among people or groups. Mahashivratri: This is a great festival of Hindus. People worship Lord Shiva on this festival. People fast all day and celebrate this festival at night. On this day, thousands of sadhus (Hindu devotees) gather to worship Lord Shiva at the Pashupatinath Temple (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) in Kathmandu, Nepal.


This is a festival celebrated only in Kathmandu Valley. This is the festival where the Nepali army will race horses in Tundikhel.

Other popular treks in the Everest Region are:

Trekking Gear

March is the month of spring season, the days are warm and clear in this month and it is a favorable weather for trekking. So the packing list should include the right gear, items and gadgets according to the month. Please follow the link to know the Everest base camp packing list for March.

EBC Trek Difficulty

Everest Base Camp Trekking is a trekker's dream trekking destination. In this trek, if you prepare thoroughly for your trek, you will be successful in reaching Everest base camp. To reach Everest Base Camp you have to take a short flight from Kathmandu to Lukla domestic airport. A group of trekkers heading towards their destination on the Everest base camp trek. The flight is usually scheduled before 12pm. Due to frequent changes in Lukla's weather, flights are sometimes delayed. But dont worry if the flight is scheduled for the next day or when the weather is favorable.

On the Everest Base Camp trek, the average walking duration for trekkers is 5 to 7 hours per day. But if you are uncomfortable with this condition then you can opt for Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter Return or Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek. Mount Everest Base Camp Trekking is a high altitude trek
(5364m high). So there is a risk of getting sick at high altitude. If you have travel insurance, you don't have to worry, there is the facility of chartering a helicopter for emergency rescue.


Everest Base Camp Trek in March is a once in a lifetime opportunity for trekkers like you. Perfect weather, clear blue skies with wild flowers, and greenery make for a pleasant trekking experience. The snowcapped mountains are the main attraction of the trek. The tea houses along the trail, the hustle and bustle of the lodges, the lively atmosphere will entice you. Overall, the exciting Everest Base Camp Trek in March (EBC Trek in March) is a great adventure for all
travel enthusiasts who love to get lost in the serenity of nature. Please contact us for any questions or confusion.

Main attraction of EBC trek in March

Since there are various reasons that make March an exciting month to trek to Everest Base Camp, I thought I would list the top things to experience in Nepal in March:  Pleasant weather with little chance of cloud cover makes this month a dream travel destination. The lakes in the Everest region are wonderful to see and reveal in all their glory in color and depth during the month of March. Cheap and easy to secure flights. It will also reduce the waiting time for bookings from Lukla to Kathmandu or Kathmandu to Lukla. Apart from the traditional trekking routes to Everest base camp and crossing mountain passes, you can also go for a helicopter trek or helicopter tour to Everest base camp so that you can reduce the time you spend traveling to the area a lot. .
The views of the various mountains and mountain passes are spectacular to behold. 

Packing List for EBC Trek (What to Pack?)

Packing list

Pack and pack well. There is no alternative to it. These are the things you will need

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

The safest and easiest way to reach Everest and get its amazing views is by helicopter tour of Everest base camp. Within a day, you will visit Everest, spend time in the mountains and return to your place.

You will proceed to Base Camp and Kala Pathar and have a sumptuous breakfast at Everest View Hotel.

Tips for EBC Trekking in March

In March trek to Everest Base camp is not difficult, there are various things that you need to know and implement to get the best experience.

Stay hydrated

One of the most important aspects of this high altitude trekking is to hydrate. This is essential as you will sweat a lot during the trek. Bringing your own bottle and carrying water purification tablets will help. 

You should drink four liter of water every day or more. It helps keep you fit and also helps you fight altitude sickness.

Take the proper gear and equipment

Trekking in Nepal requires careful planning. For your Everest base camp trek, you should do preliminary research and bring appropriate gear and equipment.

Carry base layers, drinking water bottles, trekking poles and other items listed below on the march. Because the weather in the Everest region changes quickly, you must be prepared for any situations. Your trek experience is determined by your trekking gear and equipment lists.

Hire a guide and porter

If you are traveling at high altitudes, you are not advised to travel yourself. Always hire a local guide so you can get along well. The guide will also help you understand the culture and traditions of the local Sherpa tribe.

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